Sample Essay on Right to Counsel

Right to Counsel

In the US constitution, the sixth amendment grants individuals the right to counsel in criminal cases. According to the US Supreme Court, an appointed advice that is incorporated in a civil criminal situation is not inclusive of expression rights. In this regard, an appointed counsel refers to an essential right that grants suspected offenders an opportunity to defend themselves using civil rights.

According to the Supreme Court, it is also necessary as per the constitution to counsel a poor criminal in the first petition. For instance, in Ross versus Moffitt’s case, the Supreme Court ruled that it was useful to go for a counsel that supports equality. Additionally, the court revealed that using appointed counsel should not serve as an assurance to the unethical records of a criminal. This can contribute to a situation of disgrace when the offender appears in Supreme Court.

In courts, the actual trial incorporates an appellate and trial stage proceeding. In the trial stage, the suspect appears in court and charges against him are read. Conversely, in the appellate proceeding, the state may or fail to give an award that declares the suspect is either innocent or guilty. This implies that during a court case, the state should not be biased or fair in appointing a counsel. Furthermore, judgment should not be on basis of race or income levels or aspects that may depict discrimination (Alan 981).

Clearly, the basic amends need to be positive in the Justice system. This is to reduce and stop the spread of crime in society. In Western democracies, a suspected criminal is allowed to be part of appointed counsel. This should only be done during proceedings and court cases that are specific in nature. Appointed counsels that are legal should promote and protect the basic rights of people. It is essential for individuals across the globe to embrace an appointed counsel to enhance their constitutional rights.


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