Sample Essay on Role of NGOs in Environmental Management

Role of NGOs in Environmental Management

Environmental Management is a collective responsibility that requires the input of various agencies, including governmental and nongovernmental. Every person and institution has an obligation in ensuring that we have a safe and healthy environment. For this reason, nongovernmental organizations, NGOs play a major role in addressing environmental protection, which remains a pressing issue all over the world. While most people assume environmental protection only focuses on pollution, this further encompasses sustainable development and management of natural resources and the flora and fauna. Currently, the need for environmental awareness has risen as compared to decades ago. Different countries therefore have legislation in place to give guidance for the interaction between governments and NGOs.

NGOs are important especially in areas where the government cannot serve adequately in addressing the issues of environmental management. Here, NGOs create awareness by allowing the public to debate environmental issues with professional guidance. Such awareness and advocacy is paramount in promoting certain concepts like restoration of ecosystems, sustainable development and conservation of natural resources. Sustainable development is a key factor because it embraces processes and approaches of economic development that have a future. Here, besides the revenues companies get, NGOs involved in environmental management seek to ensure that the profit is not at the expense of the environment.

NGOs also play a crucial role in advising policy makers like governmental officers on the needs and priorities of theProofreading-Editing local people. In most cases, they intimate to policy makers what is necessary for the poor people and the environment. This approach ensures that no side benefits at the expense of the other, as it is common in most countries around the world. Such information is vital for the government especially when planning and budgeting for its events. Because of the expertise NGOs have, they give precise and reliable advice to all levels thus enhancing capacity building at all levels.

On the other hand, NGOs may supply management-training facilities, thus cutting down the cost of empowering people on the need to protect the environment. Such facilities play an essential role at both government and local level. No one can deny that you acquire skills and knowledge about something new and important through training. Without relevant facilities, this training cannot go on at anytime in life. With their experience, NGOs guarantee governments not only quality training facilities but also quality content at all levels of training. Through such forums, you empower the locals to appreciate environmental management concepts and put them into practice. Training further has an input in sustainable development as the knowledge acquired is passed on to other generation and becomes an environmental culture.

NGOs trainings can also be a good approach in cutting on future training expenses as locals get empowered and influence future generals. In the end, good environmental management training reduces government future expenditures. Besides training, NGOs can carryout objective research on environmental development issues. This research can go a long way in identifying the needs of the people, predict the cost of environmental management and advise policy makers accordingly. For this reason, it is important for governments to support NGOs at all levels.

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