Sample Essay on Role of NGOs in Promoting Education

Role of NGOs in Promoting Education

Education is a pillar of every country in the world. Through education, literacy levels go high, and human resources are enhanced. Because of the needs of the education sector, most governments engage with NGOs in meeting their needs. This makes the process sustainable, by bringing together all the stakeholders, including then civil society.

Among other things, NGOs are a source of expertise in the education sector. Since NGOs are ran by people with professional skills and specialized people on board, they can use this capacity empower the sector. In some cases, NGOs establish colleges for teacher and other personnel that work in schools. This is a complement as most governments especially in the developing world experience high rates of shortage of teachers. By training teachers, NGOs also help the government to cut down on its expenditure of either building more training facilities or outsource services.

Another way through which NGOs take part in promoting education is by constructing extra schools especially in marginalized areas. It is evident that in remote parts of this world, children do not go to school because the schools Proofreading-Editingare not there. Through this initiative of building schools for primary and high school studies, NGOs, largely contribute to ever-increasing literacy levels in the world today. When children acquire basic and quality education, they compete favorably with others for slots in institutions of higher learning and for job opportunities, which are limited in most parts of the world. This further helps in closing the gap between the rich and the poor.

Moreover, governments wish to get NGOs because of financial support. Since resources are always scarce against unlimited needs, governments hardly have enough to take care of the education sector. Thus, they engage NGOs to help in meeting the financial expenditures in the sector. For instance, an NGO can offer to build classes, buy textbooks in schools or pay teachers for a given period. All these agreements go a long way in cushioning the government from recurrent bills, bloated wage bill among others. Through such funding from NGOs, the government can divert its initial funds to other areas that have inadequacies.

Additionally, NGOs promote education through objective research. In understanding the needs of the education sector and required resources, you need thorough research. By so doing, you will identify areas that are underfunded in order to provide quality education in schools and colleges. Research may also recommend certain changes like change syllabus for students to meet the ever-changing needs of the job market. While the government can also carry out these researches, NGOs have the time and specialists to handle the issue conclusively. Without objective research, a learning institution cannot go far in keeping pace with other colleges that have funding for research.

They role of NGOs in promoting education is through advocacy. This occurs when there are say, unfair practices within the education docket. For example if the registration of male students is double that of their female counterparts, then something has to be done. NGOs could offer to sponsor the disadvantaged lot of students regardless of their gender. Through such offers, the government can deal with issues of disparity in admissions.

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