Sample Essay on Role of NGOs in Rural Development

Role of NGOs in Rural Development

NGOs are organizations by people and operate independently from the government. The term stemmed from the United Nations to refer to organizations that do not form part of the government. The two main attributes of NGOs is that they do not make profit and they are not part of government. They have a wider mandate thus calling for their specialization. Most NGOs today specialize in specific areas like rural development, climate change, human rights protection, governance and disease control among others. This essay discusses how NGOs participate in rural development at various levels.

It is worth noting that NGOs play a fundamental role in enhancing development in rural areas, especially in the developing world. They initiate programs aimed at transforming the lives of people in rural areas from miserable to better status.  Because of the positive characteristics of most NGOs, it is easy to feel their impact since they are result-oriented. They put a lot emphasis on self-reliance through empowering people so that they do not remain beggars forever. Thus, NGOs have room for public participation in their activities, to make them effective towards achieving the desired results.

NGOs support different activities in rural areas, in the areas of agriculture, health, education and access to water Proofreading-Editingamong others. With agriculture, these organizations engage in research and guiding the rural dwellers on the best practices to adopt in order to improve their agricultural output. For example, many NGOs around the world have developed programs to fight food insecurity in various parts of the world. For example, the Hunger Project and Heifer Uganda offers tangible help to the people of Uganda through training. Through their program, they help people to live sustainable livelihoods. They also give aid to people to boost them in kick-starting agricultural practices. As a result, they have achieve a wide range of successes, including reduction of people are people are able meet their basic lives and lead a decent lifestyle. There is also food security and positive social change as people embrace certain values like self-reliance and not necessarily seeking aid from the government.

NGOs also play a major role in improving the education standards in rural areas. This is common where these organizations identify the needs in the education sector and respond with support action. Often times, NGOs offer awareness on the need to have education before rolling out action-oriented programs. A common trend is putting up schools in remote areas, where governments cannot serve effectively. Through such programs, the empower people in the village and empower them to compete favorably with those who are privileged and enjoy better learning facilities. This forms part of rural development as children go school and acquire skills and knowledge to better their lives. NGOs may also schools through development projects like constructing new classes, paying teachers or purchasing books for students.

They also help rural areas alleviate their health sectors. Some people argue that health is one of the sectors of the economy that receive massive support from NGOs. They get involved in the war against killer-diseases like malaria among children, HIV/AIDS, and access to clean water. In essence, they teach residents on how to deal with some diseases including treatment and prevention. For malaria, NGOs provide rural areas with treated mosquito nets. Moreover, they create awareness on how to prevent new HIV infections and help victims of the scourge.

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