Sample Essay on Roles of Interior Designers

Roles of Interior Designers

Design refers to the invention of a plan that is articulated in object or system creation while interior designers are the people involved in transforming an interior space into an ideal place for planned human roles. Interior designers utilize their interaction with the environment and creativity to develop a strategic plan layout or design that matches human activities (Edwards 200).

They also plan functional commercial and domestic human environments taking into consideration their roles, accessibility and the needed space thus ensuring that the design is captivating. This paper focuses on the theme portrayed in the movie Play Time by Jacques Tati revealing the significance of design in the society. Therefore, while developing his or her plans, an interior designer should be responsible to the client and the entire society.

Interior design according to Gibbs has rapidly changed in the past two centuries to address emerging issues including technological advancement (Gibbs 26). Designers have also witnessed a lot of training and specialization growth in the field. Training has developed an open mind for the professionals as they have learnt that the profession involves different roles in the society.

According to Raijmakers et al, the first duty of a designer is collaboration with relevant stakeholders (2). Such connections involve creating a good reputation with internal and external environments. Internal environment involves a direct customer the designer is working for, for instance an institution.

There is a department within an institution dealing with project management and the designer should work closely with it to create a mind that is collective of the expectations of a client. The organization may need to develop an office layout to prevent noise pollution therefore; it is the role of project managers and a designer to develop an ideal layout.

Collaboration additionally involves co-existence with other colleagues engaged in the project by the customer (Gibbs 43). As a result, an interior design should exercise patients, collaboration and tolerance in abundance. A professional in the field also has a duty of acting as an investigator and a facilitator. Facilitation takes place when a designer Proofreading-Editingdevelops a link with potential stakeholders and other professionals in the field as she or she foresees a workshop that is tailor made to discuss complex issues on design (Raijmakers et al 2).

M.Hulot in the movie Play Time meets a visitor from the United States in Paris who later becomes very instrumental in the redesigning of office. The designer in this relevance utilizes his resources to acquire more knowledge and to tap more future clients. Investigation as well as facilitation is closely related bearing in mind that a designer is continuously involved in research and investigation to sharpen his or her skills as well as acquiring new ideas.

Interior design traditionally comprises of residential and commercial designing. Commercial designing impacts individuals into specialization in the field while employing research just like in any other career. Gibbs takes note of the fact that a good design creates a sense of balance and includes art principles to earn the respect of a client (43). When people observe the object of a client and offers compliments, it means that the professional did his or work exceptionally well thus, earns the respect of a client.

Besides earning the respect of a client, a designer also has the duty of pleasing the society at large (Raijmakers 4). If the client requests the expert to develop an interior designer for a house, it means the expert should create an attractive design not only for the client but also to the friend of the client. The film, Play Time additionally reveals lack of ideal design that can generate disturbance in the work place and in the office. One of the characters for example drops his umbrella on the loud with a loud bang making everyone in the office to lose concentration.

From the case, it is very clear that the designer should develop a system or an object with an appealing value to the audience of the design (Edwards 201). Interior designers also have a larger social responsibility of impacting the morals and behaviors of a community thus preserving their culture. To begin with, many designers get inspiration from the environment and the society they live in. this means that their designers are connected to a specific culture, social events and the natural environment.

If nature inspires a designer, his design will additionally portray a message manipulating others to preserve nature. Nature according to Edwards rewards co-operation and matches a sustainable design if developed well (201). Many designers also decorate their art piece in combination with colors depicting environmental beauty (Gibbs 46). Designers on the other hand pass a specific cultural event from one generation to the other therefore, promoting education.

They act as agents of communications of a given message to the rest of the world in a way that is quite easy to comprehend the information from the design. In a clear office layout, it is still easy to locate a general manager’s office as it depicts a design that is very authoritative. M.Hulot in the movie Play Time also arrives for an important meeting in the office but the layout of the office is not well organized and as a result, he gets lost in the maze.

It therefore shows that a designer should create an ideal plan because the place will be visited by complete strangers and the design should help them to locate different places they wish to visit easily. Designers should also have a duty of ensuing equity in human race (Edwards 202).

In most cases, people living with disabilities have been segregated in many building structures. Designers should therefore develop a clear pathway where people are confined to a wheelchair can comfortably use thus, bridging the discrimination gap. From the Play Time film, it is also clear how designers can use their skills to solve issues in the society. Humans described in the film baffle around cities that are disorganized as well as sterile architecture but designers still come to their rescue.

A designer is an essential part of the society as he plays a crucial role in putting a smile in the faces of other people. Attractive designs creates a sense of comfort in people within the environments they are living in. designs also help in passing of information via messages and culture preservation (Raijmakers 4).

All designs are also tailor made to embrace new technological advancements and participate in intense research to equip themselves with essential knowledge. It is also imperative for designers to be highly sensitive and flexible in meeting the needs of a client as well as achieving the best aesthetic value in their works of art.

A designer should finally be hardworking, flexible to accept criticism, dedicated and have an eye for line, design principles and its forms.

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