Sample Essay on Russian Revolution

Russian revolution

Russian revolution is a term that is collectively used to refer to revolutions that took place in 1917 in Russia. The revolutions led to dismantlement of Tsarist autocracy and leading to creation of Russian SFSR. Additionally, the Emperor has no option but to abdicate and consequently, a provincial government was put into place replacing the old one. This took place on February 1917 at the time of the first revolution. The second revolution was in October and at that time there was removal of provincial government which was replaced by a communist (Bolshevik) government.

Though majority desired a revolution, none expected it would occur at the time it did or the manner in which it. On 23rd February, Petrograd women workers took to the streets leaving factories where they worked to protest. This was during International Women’s Day and at that point, the Russian women were ready to ensure someone heard them. An estimated ninety thousand women marched to the streets, tired, mad and hungry. They were forced to work for long hours and in deplorable conditions for them to feed families since their husbands, fathers and sons were fighting World War 2 at the forefront. These women were desperate for change and they weren’t alone.

One hundred and fifty thousand women and men joined the protest the following day and afterwards, the numbers continued rising. By 25th February, Petrograd city was practically shut down because there was no one working. While there were a couple of incidents where soldiers and police fired at the crowds, the groups also mutinied and eventually joined these protestors.

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Czar Nicholas II at that time wasn’t in Petrograd received reports of the protests but took them lightly. By 1st March, it was clear to all except the czar that his rule was over and on March 2nd the czar was abdicated. With no monarchy, the question was who was best suited to lead the nation. The Revolution in February took place in the context of military setbacks occurring during World War I leaving a large section of Russian army in a mutiny state.

A season of dual power followed during which the state power was held by provincial government. During this period there were several strikes, frequent mutinies as well as protests. The provincial government made the decision to carry on with the war with Germans but other factions of socialists and the Bolsheviks campaigned for the conflict to come to an end. The events of the 1905 Russian Revolution are said to be the contributing factor to the 1917 February Revolutions. Bloody Sunday events led to protests and creation of a workers council known as St. Petersburg Soviet.

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