Sample Essay on Safavid Empire Timeline

Safavid Empire Timeline

The Safavid Empire was no doubt a popular empire in Persia. It ruled over Persia, today known as Iran for many years from 1501 to 1736. The dynasty was very powerful and its members belonged to a very unique Sufi infused Shia Islam called the Safaviyya. They were of Kurdish Persian decent with unique customs.

The founder of the Safavid Empire was forcefully converted to Shia Islam from Sunni from Iran. As a result, he played a very crucial role in converted members of the empire to the religion.

At the height of the Dynasty, the leadership not only controlled its entirety but also most of Georgia, parts of Turkey, Pakistan, Turkmenistan, Tajikistan, Afghanistan and Iraq besides Iran, Azerbaijan and Armenia. The dynasty was considered one of the most powerful gunpowder dynasties of the age.

Even as the empire re-established Persia as a key geopolitics and economics center for western and eastern countries, it played a very crucial role in promoting good relations between the two sides. There was intersection between the eastern and western side of the dynasty but economics and other relations brought the two sides together.

Trade routes were supplanted by trading vessels going towards the ocean. As a result, it allowed for a more smooth leadership by the Empire’s leader. The greatest ruler of the empire was Shah Abbas. He played a key role in modernizing Persian army by adding artillery men and musketeers.

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The army moved to the capital city into Persian heartland and the ruler of the empire established a policy of tolerance for all Christians in the dynasty. Even so, Abbas was fearful to the point of assassination, paranoia where he executed and blinded his sons to prevent them from taking over his leadership.

The empire however began to slide into obscurity especially after his death in 1629.  Key features that characterized the Safavid Empire include;

  • The Safavid Empire lasted from 1502 to 1722
  • The Empire covered the whole of Iran and parts of Georgia and Turkey
  • The Safavid Empire was quite popular and was considered a theocracy
  • The State religion during the reign of the Safavid Empire was Shia Islam
  • Forms of Islam and other religions in the Empire were suppressed even Abbas was forcefully converted to Islam

The economic strength of the empire came from its location. This is based on the fact that it allowed for free and profitable trade between the western and eastern countries

The Safavid Empire grew and it made Iran a popular country across different parts of the globe. It made it the center of architecture, philosophy, architecture and art

Isfahan, the Capital of Iran is popular across the globe. It is known for its beauty

The key figures in the Safavid Empire were Ismail I and Abbas I. unlike many dynasties of the day, the Safavid Empire did not have many rulers because Abbas was fearful and executed those who were supposed to take over him. He was paranoid and even blinded his own sons.

The Empire also started to decline and lost its respect when it became corrupt and highly complacent as military forces became less effective making it easy for enemies including Afghanistan to destroy the ruling dynasty.

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