Sample Essay on Social Effects of Pearl Harbor

Social Effects of Pearl Harbor

Between World War 2 and the Revolutionary War, the US did not have a professional, established and centralized intelligence organization and it did not see the need for having one. In 1971, December 7th, United States realized that it needed an intelligence organization that was centralized when the Japanese aircraft bombed Army installations and Navy ships that were around Pearl Harbor.

The attack started at 7.53 on that morning and the battleship at USS Arizona erupted into a massive explosion that was ignited in its magazines at 8.05 am.

The fight was so close to home and as such, United States citizens were scared of the possibility of getting killed. As aorder-button result of this, a large section of the population was forced to leave the state. As a result of this, the Harbor was almost abandoned with most of the people running away to safeguard their lives. This is just one of the many social effects that were caused by the fight.

Unemployment, for the first time in the history of the country plummeted and this is even as the industry retooled in order to offer its support in the case of the war. Women who were initially restricted to homemaking and carrying out clerical work also filled assembly line jobs so they could replace the men who had to go into service to country.

Also, a large number of African-American died while their families lived in constant fear that they would probably die next. They however served in very high paying jobs within the defense industry and it is precisely because of this that they were in a position to get money to loved ones.

Civilians were forced to watch as the Harbor was destroyed and a large section of the state was forced to go into a state of shock. What is more, most people lost their family members and they were forced to accept the reality of the situation.

Because of the attack which came as a major surprise, the American population as well as the government, news media and the world at large went crazy. The rest of the world learnt about Pearl Harbor attack through communication dispatch made by the United States.

Because of the attack, the Americans became convinced that their country was probably not as safe as they thought it to be and as a result, they all decided to join forced in order to repair damage that was already caused and also safeguard the country.

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