Sample Essay on Social Media and Society

Social Media and Society

The lives of a large population have been taken by the use of social media sites that have become a pop culture phenomenon. Opinions are suggestive that social media have affected the society as well as our lives (Karli 201). Therefore, although the social media has immense positive influence to individual, it has inimical and detrimental effects to the society.

Firstly, social media results in addiction. Day in day out, you usually find people online onto these sites in aggressive chat or uploads instead of been engaged into important activities (Karli 201). This has affected the way the people do their business because others do not deliver on the most important roles as required of them.

Secondly, social media leads to Sex and Violence graphics. Use of social media allows the ease access and sharing of pornography. The access of such immoral view by teenagers and kids influences their behaviors negatively (Kingston 52). For instance, teens engage in sexual activities at an early age because of watching pornography. Teens would always want to experiment what they see on social media.

Thirdly, social media leads to Breach of Privacy. Despite social network companies enhancing tight security settings, surprisingly one’s personal data leak out to other sites (Kingston). Social media also affects the ability to think independently. Social media use brings denial to users from having the ability to think independently in the society. Personal idea of thought is denied, posing a negative quality due to fear of been criticized (Kingston).

In conclusion, social media also has its dark side, despite it been the current most celebrated pop marvels because of improving communication, a policy to positive awareness campaigns and issuing way for business interactions. For instance, as presented on this paper, social media can lead to addition, sexual and violence graphics, and breach of privacy if used inappropriately.

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