Sample Essay on Social work and Human Services

Social work and Human Services

Social work is an occupation whereby the qualified social employee cooperate with people living in a certain community to aid with day to day life issues. Social workers are anticipated to be well-informed in diverse areas of the study as well as offer their services morally to the people. Social work aids in dealing with wide ranging issues that impact people directly or indirectly. It offers mediation means for circumstances that include depression, drug addiction, behavioral alterations and grief among others.

Diversity in Social Work

Social work is a varied sector and has to be undertaken with caution. Humans are as well different in nature, and therefore have diverse and varying consideration while looking for social work services. The 5 key classifications of difference in social work incorporate social differences, cultural practices, ethical orientations, age diversity, spiritual believes as well as practices (Kirst – Ashman, 2010). A social workers need as a result to undertake his or her services in these groups. This is due to the fact that individuals come from diverse social settings whereby diverse social and also moral issues are exercised.

The same people have diverse religious practices and monitor cultural values as well as practices. Keeping in mind all these differences, it is imperative to perceive that a society consist of individuals with varied ages. As such, when these people look for social work services, the social workers need to hold the right know-how for handling a certain circumstance.

It is imperative for a social work expert to have understanding of variation in her field of calling. This allows the social worker to see herself as a beginner. This is due to the fact that social workers come across diverse individuals from varied parts of life. These individuals as well have varied encounters and wish to be aided in a certain approach.  Essentially, the social worker need to learn how to deal with such customers and meet their needs. It is essential to remember that it could be the social worker’s first time to deal with such an incident (Kirst – Ashman, 2010). As a result, the social employee has to comprehend human diversity matters and know how to handle them as required.

The understanding of human diversity as well makes it easy for the social staff to take part with the individuals she or he works with and also those she will work with in coming days possibly. The individuals a social staff deals with simply alludes to as well as incorporates the customer he or she comes across in the course of his or her social work exercise sessions.  Having varied know-how on these individuals empowers the social staff to offer quality services to these customers (Zastrow & Kirst – Ashman, 2012). Diversity knowledge enables the social work field to fathom each distinct client as well has his or her wants completely. This know-how also allows the social staff to enable the development of exceptional empathy between the staff and the customer.

The social staff obtains the capability to produce resources that are necessary for each customer so as to take care of complications successfully. It is necessary for social worker to show diversity understanding so as to be able to deal with diverse customers from a broad perspective. Diversity knowledge provides the social staff with the comprehension of how to aid consumers in handling diverse difficulties. Has argued before, customers differ and have diverse issues; the social staff has to hold diversity know-how to be able to handle customers (Zastrow & Kirst – Ashman, 2012).

The Importance of Differences in Shaping Life Experiences

Each country in the world is made up of individuals with diverse cultural backgrounds. Study depicted that numerous people face diverse cultural experiences that form their life encounters (Kirst – Ashman, 2012). Diverse cultures lead to varied cultural anticipations. These prospects differ from one community to the other as well as from one race to the next. Social work concept has depicted that the life experiences that an individual goes through as kid have chief effects on their life encounters as they mature into adults. It is substantial to keep in mind that cultural anticipations as well as variances form an individual’s life in varied ways.

This is due to the fact that values as well as organization notable in any provided culture can work to deter, endorse, form or freeze out privileges, push away as well as power in an individual’s life. This is evident particularly in nations such as US where diverse races of people are known to live together (Diller, 2011). In that viewpoint, a social staff is anticipated to know how cultural diversity impact the life encounters of their informant (clients). They then come to be competent of understanding as well as conveying their knowledge of the significance of diversity in influencing their life encounters. Diversities are as well founded on other facets like age, sex, language and religion amongst other features accessible in the social setting. A social staff will be competent to identify these variations by first getting hold of data on the history of her customers. This is due to the fact that origin of a person provides huge data on problems like previous life encounters.

The background data as well notifies the social staff on other facets like believes, cultural standards, sexual orientation, age as well as religion. The social staff is then capable of conveying her understanding founded on this data. The social work career may utilize this data to shape life encounters of the customers. For instance, the social staff will be able to offer services based on their origins as well as cultural philosophies (Diller, 201). Via the study, the social staff is competent to fathom some customers will need to be dealt with in a certain manner. For instance, a number of customer will anticipate the social staff to provide her services without disrupting their cultural as well as human privilege. A number of customers will anticipate every service provision to be liable with their religious trusts. The social staff is not able to interact as well as identify this knowledge devoid of suitable background data.


When in hold of ample data, the social worker can obtain as well as inspect the life encounters that the customers have gone through since young age. The social worker can easily ascertain how these encounters have changed the client’s life as well as what effect these exposures have taken along in the customer’s life. For instance, because of life experiences that people face in their social setting, some customers would not wish to get aid from social staffs who do not claim to come from same background. On the other side, certain customers would not worry being aided by social staffs with diverse cultural as well as religious origins (Kirst – Ashman, 2012). Cultural variances can as well lead to differences in service delivery. This is expressly because of incidents where the social staff and the customer have varied cultural beliefs as well as exercises. The social workers is anticipated to be able to know these diversities to be capable of doing prototypical work in her service provision.

Self-awareness in Social Work

Social worker many times satisfy customers from diverse origins in the course of their social work practice. To be effectively serve their customers, social stuffs have to gain cognizance. Self- awareness is described as being in a state where an individual if capable of treating all their customers with respect and self-esteem whilst shunning prejudice as well as any other preconceptions (Turner, 2005). The moment a social staff acquires enough as well as continually surging self-mindfulness it enables her competence to get rid of pressure of individual prejudice as well as morals in working with different groups of customers.  Self-awareness facilitates the social staff to know how their own conducts and deeds impact the results of the social work practice session. Therefore, the social staff is alert that if they become prejudice to the customer, he or she might leave the practice devoid of acquiring the essential aid.

Basically, the social staff will as well be able to get rid of biases aid by majority of the people against customer from diverse races, society and religion. Self-awareness knowledge makes the social staff to cherish the diversity of her customers (Larrison. 2009). This understanding as well help social staff in getting rid of uncouth conducts in the course of social work sessions. For instance, besides getting rid of prejudices, the social worker is competent to firmly overlook stereotypes and other beliefs that individuals have towards customers founded on their age, religion as well as sexuality. Consequently, the social staff turns out to be capable in her service delivery and does not consent external facets to impact her job. She is able to successful take care of clients as distinctive humans being muzzled by other facets (Turner, 2005).

In the course of social work, social staffs usually have authority and control the session, they lead the customers into resolutions to their issues. Continually acquiring self-awareness know-how makes it easy for the social staffs to practice her authorities as well as expertise as required devoid of destructively impacting the customer. The social staffs as well get educated and builds an altered attitude towards her customers in the course of the exercise. Via the endless gain of self-cognizance know-how, the social staff also grows a constructively varied attitude   (Larrison. 2009). Through the reshaped attitude, the social staff is capable of recognizing the diverse customers might want to be dealt with in a different way. They are able of understanding the idea that individuals from a given biased community are varied and hold many constructive characteristics about them.

Social staffs are as well capable of getting extra knowledge and be alert of other circumstance around them. They become more decent in providing their services to their customers. They become well-acquainted on diverse groups of customers founded on their origins and other facets. Self-awareness know-how facilitates the social worker to successfully work out on their social work session. They understand the anticipations necessary from them by both customers and the community.  The social employees as well depict a need to learn about others and on themselves (Larrison. 2009). They are competent on how to get the necessary data founded on the individual she is handling. The social worker also needs the know-how necessary for her to provide services fruitfully. Dealing with different individuals requires considerable amount of understanding on an individual also.



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