Sample Essay on Socio‐Technical Impact of Engineering Technology

Socio‐Technical Impact of Engineering Technology (SMART PHONES)

The smart phones have transformed the manner in which the society carries out activities. The technology has transformed the social as well as the cultural life of the people. Smart phone technology has been applied in the trading, medical, and the education sector.

Positive Impacts of the Smart Phones

The smart phone technology has impacted the manner in which businesses used to be carried out. The Smartphone technology has increased the accessibility of the Internet at a global scale. This is mainly due to the fact that the smart phones are cheap to acquire. The business people have taken advantage of this fact and they have developed applications that the clients can download and install on their smart phones (Wallach, 2015). The application assists them in accessing the business services, which include selection, ordering, and the transaction purposes. They have also enhanced the marketing activities at a minimal cost. Many businesses can now be able to access the global market at minimal cost via the online platform.

Social Consequences

The smart phone technology is the major cause of distraction for students, drivers, and pedestrians. Most of the fatal road accidents can be attributed to the use of the devices by the road users. Students are always accessing their social media platforms while in class, which lowers their contribution and class performance.

The demand for the Smartphone technology is high globally. The Smartphone has combined the computing and the communication technologies into one device. Some of the services that can be accessed via the Smartphone technology include voice communication, computing, and Internet accessibility, management of personal information, wireless communication, and messaging services. The introduction of the social media platforms has made the smart phone technology a tool for social engagement.

The Smartphone technology has also been used for wrong purposes, such as coordination of the criminal activities. I believe a code of conduct should be developed to regulate illegal and unethical behaviors (Laudon & Traver, 2015).  This can be attained through the introduction of new engineering design rules and standards. This would protect the consumers against being exploited. The new engineering design rules and standards would reduce legal impacts and enhance the safety of the clients.



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