Sample Essay on Speech in Graduation Dinner for 200 People

Speech In Graduation Dinner for 200 People

The Faculty, family, fellow graduates and friends, good evening. I am deeply honored to address you all today. I would like to commence by thanking the entire faculty in the law school. I would like to appreciate the director and associate director of dispute resolution who lectured me and the student services office manager who highly assisted us. On behalf of the graduating masters students, I would also like to thank the Dean, College of Law, other professors, and staff, and appreciate them for the time we have had together interacting as they instructed and mentored us. As a foreign scholar, I wish to acknowledge and appreciate the support and friendliness our US colleagues have shown towards me and other international students.

I have loved and enjoyed my time here in the university, more so in the US, and I hope my fellow graduates have too. As I reflect back, my mind is filled with memories; sad, happy, humorous and some even frustrating (Bark 2). This day is a culmination of all that has been. I wish to congratulate you all for the hard work and effort that has brought about this success.

As we celebrate, I would also like for you to reflect upon the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead. We are all destined for great things. The master’s degree we have attained today gives us sufficient ground to contribute comprehensively towards the legal systems in our countries of origin (Wright 1). It is prudent to remember that this comes with the responsibility to defend the Constitution and advocate for just causes and wise counsels of the society (Asimow and Mader 12).

I leave you with the words of Albert Einstein: Try not to become a person of success, but a person of value (Payleitner 24). I wish you all the best as you nurture your careers and future endeavors. Thank you.

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