Sample Essay on Spontaneous Order

Sample Essay on Spontaneous Order

Spontaneous order is also known as ‘self organization and refers to the spontaneous emergency of order out of seemingly chaos. The process is found in biological, social and physical networks as well as in economics. Learn whats its all about in this Sample Essay on Spontaneous Order.

While this is the case, the term ‘self-organization’ is often used in biological and physical processes while ‘spontaneous order’ is used to describe emergency of different kinds of social orders from a group of self interested individuals who are not trying to create order intention through planning.

Lawrence Reed of The Foundation for Economic Education describes spontaneous order as ‘what happens when you leave people alone-when entrepreneurs…see the desires of people… and then provide for them’.

Some of the systems suggested to have evolved as a result of spontaneous order include evolution of language, life on earth, free market economy and the internet. Naturalists are known to inherently point to the ‘watch like’ precision of ecosystems that are uncultivated and the universe is the ultimate example of the phenomenon.

Spontaneous order must be distinguished from organizations. Spontaneous order is distinguished by the fact they it is a scale free network while organizations are hierarchical networks. Further, organizations often are and can be part of spontaneous orders but the reverse is not applicable. To cap it all, while organizations are controlled and created by humans, spontaneous order is not controlled or created and cannot be controllable by anyone.

During the 19th century, the idea of spontaneous order was pursue by Herbert Spencer in England and Gustave de Molinari and Frederic Bastiat in France. Later, during the 19th century, Austrian School of Economies made the idea a central part of their reformulation of the 1871 economic theory. Key figures in the development included Ludwig von Mises, Friedrich Hayek and Karl Menger.

Zhuanzi (369BCE-286 BCE) was the first person to work out spontaneous order idea according to Murray Rothbard. The philosopher was against the authoritarianism of Confucianism. He wrote that ‘there has been such a thing as letting mankind alone; there has never been such a thing as governing mankind (with success). He is the one who articulated an early spontaneous form and asserted that ‘good order results spontaneously when things are let alone. The concept was later developed by Proudhon during the 19th century.

Thinkers of Scottish Enlightenment were also the first to seriously inquire and develop the idea that the market was an example of spontaneous order. The historian and sociologist Adam Ferguson in 1967 described spontaneous order phenomenon as the ‘result of human action but not the execution of any human design’.

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