Sample Essay on Stan VanDerBeek and His Art Works

Stan VanDerBeek and His Art Works

Stan was born in 1927 and died in 1984. He studied art and architecture at Cooper Union College, New York before joining Black Mountain College, North Carolina ( Para. 4). At these two institutions, he met with people that inspired his interest in art and with their help; he advanced his knowledge in art. According Holland, Stan started his career as a painter before becoming a filmmaker (Holland Para. 2).

Most people consider Stan to be a pioneer in the development of live-action animation techniques as well as in experimental film because of his immense contribution in these two areas of art. His career in filmmaking started in 1955. Most of this art work involved cuttings from magazines that were matched with the latest news (Moritz Para. 1). After Stan excelled in filmmaking, he started making portable screens as well as filming backgrounds for dancers. In addition, he created multiple-projector shows for theaters. His interest in film making led him to create computer animation films. According to Moritz, Stan did not polish his art works because he targeted the common people with his art. As a pre-eminent thinker who forged towards linking art with humankind, Stan filmed happenings. He also merged dances with videos and films. Back in 1966, he was inspired to write about a man that lost his place on earth. The intention of doing this was to demonstrate the critical power that art has in human race. Accordingly, his influence in art is felt even today (Holland Para. 2).

Because of his incredible contributions in art, Stan received an honorary doctorate from his former college, Cooper Union. His other numerous awards included grants from Ford Foundation, Rockefeller Foundation, National endowment for arts and Guggenheim foundation. He also won the American film institute award for making films ( Para. 4).













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