Sample Essay on Standardization Culture and Real Culture

Standardization Culture and Real Culture

Adorno used the term ‘cultural industry’ to contend that the path in which cultural things were created was practically equivalent to how different commercial enterprises fabricated boundless amounts of buyer merchandise. Adorno contended that the cultural industry showed a ‘mechanical production system character“, which could be seen in ‘the manufactured, arranged strategy for turning out its items.

Adorno contended that all items delivered by the cultural industry displayed institutionalized peculiarities. The contention here is that there is nothing spontaneous about the procedure of cultural creation: it has turned into a routine operation that can be completed “in an office by the application of particular formulae. Adorno noted that songs, which have to be effective, were regularly alluded to as ‘gauges’, a classification that obviously attracted consideration regarding their conventional character. From the “plan” to the subtle elements, songs were based around tedious successions and oftentimes repeating refrains. This was ruined truly computed business reasons, so that the song would engrave itself on any problems of the audience and afterward incite a purchase. For Adorno, the creation of bit tunes had turned into a mechanical and manipulative operation roused simply by business pick up.

A sample of a cultural item that demonstrates Adorno’s contention is not generally accurate is the Hollywood movies. They offer an intervened form that transcends reality and is solidly established in a popular society. The movies for the most part insist on the political and cultural business as usual from which it begins (Sangkil and Reo 03). In most cases, they portray the real romantic world in the Western cultures. On the contrary, World War I film is an example of standardized cultural product that was used by the government to spread propaganda (McKernan 05).


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