Sample Essay on Statement of Purpose: Computer Science

Computer Science

Apart from my undergraduate courses in computer science, there are also a few other disciplines in my academic life that have made me think a lot. Computer programming and data structures have particularly made significant contribution in my thoughts. Throughout my life, I have had an experience with various exciting technological innovations that illustrate an unending scope of logic and creativity, and which undergo continuous evolution. I always have the same feeling of excitement whenever I create a code that turns out to be successful. This is the feeling that still drives me to find solutions even to the most challenging programming hitches. I am compelled to apply for a Masters in Computer Science because of this interest in programming and the desire that I have in conducting further studies on how the various technologies and applications operate.

As a result of my interest in Computer science over the years, I have been able to widen my reasoning and analytical skills. In the course of my undergraduate program, I handled various projects, including the design of prototype inventory management system for a retail outlet and simulation of a simple LR parser with the use of C++. Apart from these projects, I also had a practical experience in the software industry. This enabled me to undergo opportunities for training and internships. The internships have helped me to develop my knowledge in Network Programming and .NET technology. I also have been able to acquire knowledge on the operations of socket programming and the use of architectures in networking. Before this experience, my knowledge in coding was only on basic C++. I have also been an active participant in various extracurricular activities. As a result of all these, I have been able to develop an all-round personality. While in College, I actively took part in various cultural activities like soccer, literary and competitions. I am confident that these experiences will be very useful in my Masters program since I will be interacting with students and professors from different races and cultures.

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Having acquired a solid footing in the discipline of computer science through an undergraduate program and various internship programs in the Information Technology sector, I strongly believe that this is the ideal time to undertake my graduate studies in Computer Science. I wish to develop my understanding in this field and apply the acquired knowledge in pursuing a rewarding career in the IT industry. The Masters program that is offered at your institution will no doubt assist me in acquiring the necessary knowledge, experience, and skills to fully pursue my dream car and exploit all the opportunities that come my way. Besides, the practical oriented coursework is an ideal chance for me to acquire deeper understanding of the field and the skills to apply. I have confidence that my experience in such initiatives would positively impact my knowledge base and add great value to my professional and life too. The university also places emphasis on research-oriented studies, flexible schedules and close relationship between the students and professors. I have no doubt that such an academic environment in a university that is quite reputable like yours will enable me to pursue my potential to great achievements. I look forward to joining your institution as a graduate student in the Maters in Computer Science Program. gives you the best place to have your assignment completed by experts.Our prices are fair and service friendly.Our aim is to have you get the best grade and succeed.