Sample Essay on Statement of Purpose

Statement of Purpose

My hobbies when I joined high school were to offer others help and engage in group activities. In addition, from my experience after I finished my O levels, I was able to handle people in the society. After assessing the manner in which I related with individuals, I came to know that I had affection towards people and the entire community.

My pleasure was to assist people especially those who were vulnerable and in need. I had a responsibility of uniting with individuals in society. This was to eliminate conditions such as poverty and diseases.  My aspiration was to serve as a social worker to protect individuals who are defenseless from harm. As a result, I gained experience of working with both children and adults who had contracted HIV/AIDS and addicted to drugs (Doel, 2012).

This form of interaction was helpful because I gained counseling techniques that enabled me to train individuals concerning HIV/AIDS.  Furthermore, the knowledge I achieved while working with the youth who were drug addicts ignited my desire for social work. I also give credit to counselors in our community for the role they played in developing my passion. As a result, I was in a position to assist the youth to embrace therapeutic programs. This was beneficial because it helped the young people to abandon the use of drugs.

The manner in which I positively changed the lives of individuals in society facilitated my work especially with the youth. I noticed that in Mississippi, only a small number of social workers were of Hispanic origin. This provided a good opportunity for me to relate well with people in this society. I intend to serve as a social worker and assist Hispanics in future. I believe that I will meet my learning requirement when I enroll to Our Lady of the Lake University.



Doel, M. (2012). Social Work: The Basics. London: Routledge.



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