Sample Essay on Strengths and Weaknesses in Writing

Strengths and Weaknesses in Writing

One of my strengths in writing resonates around my passion for writing in a variety of styles. Even though I tend to be more proficient in technical writing as compared to creative and fictional writing, my appeal to emotion makes my creative writing stand out. In technical writing, much of the facts have been previously researched on, and it is quite easy just to define and elaborate clearly on the details of the processes involved. However, creative writing is often fictional and demands much logic and pragmatism, which has often stimulated my thinking capabilities. I tend to enjoy creative writing since I get to step out of my comfort zone and get in touch with the imaginations of individuals who might have a different thought system. Another remarkable strength I possess is descriptive writing where I get an opportunity to play with details and comprehensively describe characters and events in a way that stimulates the readers’ moods on the subject matter.

My greatest weakness in writing is the lack of patience to engage effectively in editing completed work. I find that after I write a piece am quite reluctant to proofread it and correct any grammatical mistakes that I might have made while writing. My attention span fails me as it becomes increasingly difficult to go through the whole piece in a bid to correct such errors. In writing, zero tolerance should be given to misspellings and grammatical mistakes as they not only decrease the quality of written work but also distorts its intended purpose. With this in mind, I have purposed to ensure that I engage in multiple cycles of editing while writing so as to avoid any mistakes that might be made in the process. As it is, I am quite effective in my writing skills and continuous learning will improve my skills in the long run.