Sample Essay on Sustainable Management of Water Resources in Agriculture

Sustainable Management of Water Resources in Agriculture

In majority of countries, water is majorly used in the agricultural sector. The agricultural sector is facing major challenges in production of 50% more food that is needed by 2030 yet, it is still expected to double this amount by 2050. It is likely that this will have to be attained through use of less water largely because of growing pressures from industrialization, climate change and urbanization.

It is important for farmers to find ways through which they can increase the efficiency of water usage and improve its management while at the same time, preserving aquatic ecosystems. Sustainable water management is a scope that should be covered by water users and managers for the purposes of ensuring water resources get allocated equitably and efficiently and that it is used for achieving environmentally, economically and socially beneficial outcomes.

Sustainability includes smooth supply of water across all production seasons, management of floods, drainage and droughts, management of water in rain fed agriculture as well as conservation of associated recreational and cultural Proofreading-Editingvalued and ecosystems.

Sustainable management of water resources covers a range of climatic conditions and agricultural systems across different countries and draws on different water resources such as ground water, desalinated water, rainwater harvesting, surface water and recycled wastewater.

Though water is an indispensable resource shaping regional landscapes and vital for agriculture, it is under considerable pressure. There are several factors that have contributed to this state of things such as anthropogenic activities and climate change. There are sustainable solutions that can be integrated to solve water problems and some of these include the following:

  • Understand specific catchment-This is important towards achieving relevant operation relationships and appropriate considerations for uncertainties that describe catchment regions.
  • Adapting sustainable water management measures, instruments and concepts that are flexible so they can be adapted when there are conditions that alter water provision as a result of global change.
  • Strengthen the property rights and institutions for water management. This might require a shift in policies dealing with water management and to a great extent with supply management.
  • Recognizing the diversity and complexity associated with management of water in agriculture. This is important from a perspective of polices simply because it means that one size will not fit all.

Any successful water resource management program should adhere to the requirements stated above. Sustainable management is important because it is the guiding principle that ensures agriculture is sustainable. There exists obstacles to sustainable water management and these include driving pressures and forces like pollution, increased water usage and pollution as well as the state of the natural water resources.

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