Sample Essay on Technology Acceptance Model

Technology Acceptance Model

Technology acceptance model refers to an information systems theory that depicts how people arrive at a decision to accept and use a given technology. According to this model, several factors influence decision on how and when to use a technology when it is presented to users.

Notably, the model suggests that perceived usefulness and ease of use are some of the factors that influence decisions of potential users of a technology. The degree of the belief that using a given system will enhance performance in their job influences their decision. Additionally, the belief of an individual that a system will be free of effort making it easy to use influences their decision.

Fred Davis developed technology acceptance model in 1986. However, the model has been studied continuously and expanded over the years. More specifically, the model deals with prediction of information system’s acceptability. It is used to predict acceptability of a tool and modifications that must be made on a system to make it more acceptable to potential users.

Technology acceptance model suggests that acceptability of any information system is highly determined by Proofreading-Editingperceived usefulness and the ease of use. Factorial analysis indicated that perceived usefulness and ease of use maybe considered in two dimensions.

Technology acceptance model suggests that use of information system can be determined by behavioral intention. However, an individual’s attitude towards a system or technology determines behavioral intention and perceived utility of the system or technology.

According to Fred Davis, an individual’s attitude is not the sole factor that determines their use of a system or technology but also the impact that this might have on the performance. Thus, even when worker does not like a system, there is high probability that they will use it if they perceive that it will improve their performance. This model hypothesizes a link between the perceived usefulness of a system or technology and perceived ease of use.

The original theory has been replicated by several researchers providing more empirical evidence on how ease of use, system use and usefulness relates.  Most researchers have always paid greater attention to the validity and robustness of questionnaire instrument that was used by Fred Davis in the original model. For instance, in 1989, Adams et al replicated Davis’ work in demonstrating the reliability and validity of the measurement scales and instruments of the model.

These researchers extended the model to varying settings and samples to demonstrate replication reliability and internal consistency of the scales. In 1993, Hendrickson et al found good test-retest reliability and high reliability of the model.

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