Sample Essay on Television Program Report

Television Program Report

Undercover Boss

Undercover boss, by Lambert is an American television series. The producer focuses on personal experiences that bosses go through when they try to work undercover in their firms and organizations to carry out investigations on the jobs. It traces its origin to 2009 on Channel 4 in Britain.

The undercover show utilizes modern marketing approaches that help in gaining consumer attention. The marketing strategy that the program uses is also in line with modern changes in marketing area and is mainly issues of globalization, automation of activities and technological advancement. The television show for instance appears as a pre-roll film in different sites, which is one of the promotion strategies.

Potential clients are also able to view the show’s trailer at own convenience and preference. Even so, the process is very expensive yet it enables the show to reach different clients across the globe. The show also organizes press excursions to help directors, actors and other stakeholders to interact freely with the media. It is a move that helps the show to build the right public confidence in pursuant to available information regarding the program.

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The excursions organized by the show also involve bloggers and vital marketing agents as opposed to many companies that engage journalists only. Involving audience and the general public in film making is another marketing strategy that is applied by the show. What’s more, it invites the general public to participate and fund in overall making of the film.

Such a move creates interest in the public and they strive to acquire the program after production. It also acts as a marketing strategy that aims at building customer loyalty. The show has earned market share successfully and influence pursuant to the promotion strategy above.

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