Sample Essay on the Anglo-Russian Entente

Anglo-Russian Entente

The Anglo-Russian Entente involves a number of terms agreed on by Russia and the Great Britain. The two countries engaged together to respect the independence and integrity of Persia. They also desired to preserve law and order in Persia to enhance peaceful development. The agreement was also aimed at enhancing trade and industry across the country.

The Great Britain and Russia had economic and geographical reasons for signing the agreement. They had very special interests in maintaining peace and order in the regions adjoining Persia as well as its neighborhoods. The two countries also maintained special interests to ensure peace prevails in the frontiers of Baluchistan and Afghanistan.

The terms agreed on included

The Great Britain would not support British subjects or seek for herself or support the subjects of third powers. The Great Britain would not also seek Concessions for telegraphs, insurance, transport, banks and railways beyond a line passing through Isfahan, Kakhk and Yezd.

Russia in the Anglo-Russian Entente would not engage to support any Russian subject or in favor of third Powers, and any Concessions of a commercial or political nature. The Concessions include those of banks, telegraphs, railways, insurance, transport and roads among others beyond the line going from Afghan frontier.

Russia also engaged not to oppose without any arrangement with the Great Britain. It would not oppose any Concessions to British subjects in different regions of Persia. The Great Britain similarly undertakes the engagement pertaining to Concessions to Russian Subjects. All Concessions are present today as they have been maintained


The revenues from all customs in Persia shall be devoted to the purposes they served in the past to date. This agreement covered all customs except those of Persian Gulf, Farsistan and those on the fisheries on the shores of Caspian Sea. Telegraphs and posts shall also be devoted like in the past. The revenues would also be used to the service of all loans concluded by the Imperial Bank of Persia with the government.

In the event of any irregularity occurring in payment of interests of Persian loans and in amortization concluded by the Imperial Bank of Persia with the ‘’Banque d’escompte et des Prits de Perse’’, the Great Britain will establish control over the sources of revenue.

The Great Britain and Russian governments shall also take control of different sources of revenues in the events of necessities that guarantee regular service of loans. The loans can be concluded with the second named bank and situated in the regions near Persia and its neighborhoods.

The Russian and British governments can also take into consideration friendly exchange of ideas to determine measures of control that can be used when interference occur. The agreement was also signed to help prevent any disagreement in regards to the principles of Anglo-Russian Entente.

These were major agreements of the Anglo-Russian Entente that the Great Britain and Russia had to observe. The terms of agreement are still effective to date and have played a crucial role in enhancing peace and order in Persia and its neighborhood. It has also enhanced business and commerce in the region and between the two countries that signed the Anglo-Russian Entente agreement.

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