Sample Essay on The Battle of San Jacinto


The Battle of San Jacinto

My name is Sam Houston and I am an American born near Lexington in Virginia as the fifth child and the fifth son of the family. I crossed the Red River in the year 1832 into the Texas plains to begin what would be another important phase in my career. I saw Texas as my land of promise. It was a place that represented a bold enterprise, full of political and financial capabilities

After Mexico gained independence in the 1820s, the country welcomed many settlers to settle in Texas. However, Americans settled along the Brazos River and they soon outnumbered the Mexicans. Mexican government efforts to regulate American communities resulted in rebellion. Our Texas volunteer soldiers were first defeated against the forces of general Antonio Lopez De Santa and retreated eastward.  Alamo a Fort used by the volunteer soldiers, did not survive the Mexican power and fell in March 1836.  The Mexican soldiers occupied the Alamo, something needed to be done and Texas was in need of Independence (Davis 282).

The night before the war, I slept soundly; I needed rest because the following day would be the most important day in the history of Texas, our soldier. To prevent the enemy from getting army supplies, we destroyed Vince Bridge.  This proved significant when Santa Anna flight was baited by that fact. What motivated us to fight for Texas was the pain we had for our brothers who were killed at the Alamo and Goliad, we needed to revenge, we also needed Texas to be free and become part of the United States. Another threat was Santa Anna, who had promised that he would capture Texas rebels as he called our army, kill them and wash his hands with their blood (Davis 286).

Before we started the war, we sang a popular melody. As we came in full view of the Mexicans, our Music changed to lively Yankee Doodle. Deaf Smith did a heroic act that will remain in history, he urged us to fight fast and hard. His horse got exhausted and fell and threw Smith to the enemy. Smith drew out his pistol and attempted to shoot a Mexican, when the gun did not fire, he hurled the weapon at his enemy. During the war, acts of heroism were displayed. From the moment the soldiers opened fire, consternation was seen in the Mexican camp. The timing of the war was perfect as the sun was in the Mexican eyes. Mexican artillery soon silenced, at this moment the fiercest battle took place, we used knives and clubs to defeat the Mexicans. Santa Anna escaped when he saw that all was lost scouts captured him the following day (Davis 289).

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