Sample Essay on the Battle of Saratoga

Battle of Saratoga

Understanding the Battle of Saratoga

The Battle of Saratoga included a series of military conflicts that fought in September and October 1777, between the Great Britain and its North America Colonies during the American Revolutionary War (1775-1783).  The two groups fought near Albany in Saratoga County, New York.

The battle ended with the victory for the American colonists. It is also good to note that the Saratoga campaign included the Siege of Fort Stanwix, the Battle of Oriskany and the Battle of Bennington.

The Battle of Saratoga following General John Burgoyne’s Plan

The British army under Lord Cornwallis and General Howe abandoned all their posts in New Jersey during the Battle of Princeton in January 03, 1777. They later settled in New York State. General Burgoyne planned to cross Lake Champlain from Quebec and took over Ticonderoga before heading to Albany. However, the plan weakened when

  • General George Washington called for militias to join continental army in New York leading to a large contingent of troops
  • General Howe was prevented from joining forces with General Burgoyne
  • When the British were defeated during the battle of Bennington because they failed to get new supplies and horses

The overview of the first Battle of Saratoga

The first and most significant battle of Saratoga was the battle of the Freeman’s farm and it took place in September 19, 1777. At the time, General John Burgoyne had started making advances to the south but was stopped before the Saratoga fight begun, in a clearing that was later known as the Freeman’s farm.

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During the fight, the British army was harassed and General Burgoyne lost two men for every American. They were however saved by German Hessian forces that arrived under the leadership of Riedesel. This means that British victory at the battle of Freeman’s farm was largely attributed to the German Hessians.

The second crucial fight at the battle of Saratoga

The battle of Bemis Heights was the second crucial fight in Saratoga, in October 7, 1777. The American forces, led by Horatio Gates, assisted by General Benedict Arnold and Philip Schuyler, positioned themselves in the protection of Bemis Heights, located south of Saratoga. The British Heights were above the road that Burgoyne and British army needed to use to reach Albany.

The Americans therefore started fighting as the British forces tried to push through the American line on Bemis Heights. The British were assaulted and were forced to retreat back towards Saratoga.  Ten days later, General Burgoyne was forced to surrender following the defeat at the Bemis Heights.

The significance of the Battle

The conflict in Saratoga had its significance and it proved to be a turning point for the Revolutionary war. The French were convinced of the American strength as it persuaded the French to give military aid to the Americans. The unity of American and French forces led to their first victory at the battle of Monmouth.

More facts about the fight

The battle in Saratoga included the battle of Freeman’s farm, in September 19, 1777 and the Battle of Bemis Heights in October 7, 1777.

The battle ended with the victory for the Americans

The combatants of the battle included the British army and German Hessians who battled the Americans.

The American revolutionary war was also included in the conflict of Saratoga. This culminated the political American Revolution. During the war, the American colonists rejected the legality of the British parliament and its governance of 13 colonies that had no representation.

Interesting facts about the war in Saratoga

December 18, 1777 was declared a Thanksgiving day by George Washington to celebrate the American victory over the British at Saratoga

The number of American soldiers rose to 9,000 during the first battle and to more than 15,000 by the time the British army surrendered. On the other hand, the number of British army shrunk from 7200 to 6,600 at the second battle.

Upon the hearing the news on American Victory, the French officially declared its support for their war of independence and recognition of the United States of America.

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