Sample Essay on The California Endowment

California Endowment

The focus

The California endowment is society based wellbeing institute in the state of California. The main focus of the8 endowment is to focus on wellbeing and fairness and to create knowledge of where and how well being is to be generated for Californians. The state’s government hopes to achieve this by growing accessibility of excellent and affordable wellbeing that is designed for the underprivileged in the society and investing in essential improvement that is tailor made for wellbeing of the members of the state.

This means reconstruction of healthcare which, is directly linked to medical systems alone as well as to the fact that individual choices affect health. It is with no doubt that health is a very crucial factor in day to day lives of all people. It therefore maintains that health should be paramount everywhere.

Learning institution, neighborhood and spotlight as well as avoidance are three major spotlight areas of this bequest. The endowment employs a ten year plan to construct health societies in California. It also has confidence in its plan to enhance general wellbeing Californians. It also employs a ten year arrangement to construct health communities in the state.

The endowment has confidence in the arrangement towards advanced wellbeing of Californians. The ten year plan will also cater for underprivileged communities in California to lead a healthy livelihood. The program was launched years ago to help natives, immigrants and members of California as well as public and community based institutions.

These groups of people need to bring back health to all underserved communities in the region. California endowment has also invested heavily in wellbeing starting with intensified security for family’s careworn, by deficiency to enhance welfare and heed workforce headed for an initiative that is ailment-definite to facilitate work towards decrease and to end persistent welfare circumstances.


California endowment also uses schools, prevention and neighborhood criteria to create healthy communities. It aims at modifying the community’s view of land use, public security, provision of foodstuff and monetary prospect to fabricate the neighborhood via welfare intellect. The plan is also aimed at offering enhanced hearty and hale activities in the neighborhoods.


In regards to schools, it is believed that endowment should appraise the role of institutions by different development sectors including physical, emotional and social health of students. When fighting for bodily doings, strong victuals and shelter, schools order regulations based on sound regulations, reverence and accountability. California endowment also believes in hale, secure and hearty learning environments in institutions because they are essential for quality education and are a way to life accomplishment.

In the event of avoiding, the endowment also informs communities pertaining to protective wellbeing, strong lifestyle and wellness of the society. The main purpose is to provide members of the state especially those with low income with affordable health options to help enhance their lifestyles as a result of a health plan.

Screening Process

The California endowment ten year plan to construct healthy communities in the state, California officials have to
1recruit different people to execute the plan responsibly. Based on personal details of state residents, this will not be made public during the people’s welfare and those handling the program have to undergo a screening process.

The screening process includes fingerprinting and background checks to determine their confidentiality as well as discretion of information provided by residents. The staff would also have to access insightful consumer information including birth details, ID numbers, excise proceeds and revenue information.

State officials however insisted that those responsible for enrolment need to be screened thoroughly to protect clients avoid smuggling of information and to prevent fraud. Even though this kind of screening is vital, there is still a level of screen.