Sample Essay on The Capital Punishment

The Capital Punishment

United States is in the category of countries in the world that still embraces death penalty to punish offenders. The rule of capital punishment is only legalized by the state. This implies that any non government parties that pass death sentences commit a crime. The mistakes that can render an individual to face capital punishment include murder or rape.

The death penalty debate is still in progress, and it has generated arguments on whether to stop and proceed with the penalty. A wide section of Europe has abolished this kind of punishment. However, United States has not withdrawn from the action completely.  In regard to capital punishment, another issue was giving criminals drugs for them to die. This method was proved useless because it took a long time for the criminal to die. In addition, it also turned out to be a painless death in the end.

The two land mark cases that were successful in administering capital punishment were that of (Furman v. Georgia and Gregg v. Georgia). The outcome of the case incorporated four years of delay on capital punishment (Smith 290). This made majority of countries to reorganize the provisions of death penalty. It also convinced the judiciary system to subject offenders to capital punishments in a fair manner. Furthermore after this ruling, various crimes that qualified for death penalty were abolished.

Clearly, the rule on Georgia concerning the unconstitutionality of death penalty served as a total abolition to this form of judgment. Additionally, the aftermath of this ruling upgraded the justice system in Unites States concerning the issue of death penalty. Capital punishment has only been restricted to murder cases and rape is not part of it. Serious crimes such as murder deserve death penalty to prevent criminals from committing the crime in future.

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