Sample Essay on “The Circle of Mercy Video”

“The Circle of Mercy Video”

‘The Circle of Mercy Video’ is a film that gives an account that is inclusive of both part one and two.  This video gives a brief historical narration of an individual known as Catherine McAuley who invented Sisters of Mercy. This film ‘The Circle of Mercy Video’ enables the audience to recognize how Catherine had a philanthropic personality.

In the movie, Catherine depicts a variety of charity signs that reflects a woman who is a saint. The purpose of graphs in the film is to exhibit the level of denial that faced individuals and the persistent need for assistance that Catherine provided. The harmony that was illustrated in the graph design was to show the old venues that the actor went through. Conversely, the contemporary locations revealed to the audience the events which they had to relate to.

Based on the movie, residents of Ireland who existed during the 19th century lived in extreme poverty to the point that it could prompt their generous feelings. After realizing their needs, Catherine with help of other women made a huge difference by sharing with them their inheritance. In her generous act, she felt pity for them and decided to open the pioneer House of Mercy that was located in Dublin.

Historically, this building was constructed in 1827 with the aim of educating and housing girls and female who were less fortunate in the community (YouTube, 2014).  In relation to this narration, the intention of Catherine was to deliver a message to an audience especially the social workers of Catholic faith.  Unfortunately, Catherine died ten years after her foundation but her charity work is still admirable. After her death, sisters of Mercy settled in various sections of America where they constructed schools and hospitals. In the video, the modern settings depict the works of Mercy that transformed social services.


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