Sample Essay on the Future of Digital Media

Digital Media

It is with no doubt that technology has brought about many changes in the way we interact and communicate. Businesses are not an exception in relevance to making forecasts on changes they need to make. How we distribute and share content has changed a great deal in the past few decades.

The change is quite dramatic and even laws on intellectual property need to be updated. Social media has taken up sharing of content show. Today, the chance to share content is instantaneous and ever present. It also takes seconds for the entire world to view content that is shared instantaneously (Villasenor 1).

Additionally, reshape and virtual growth is being experienced in creative economic landscape because of new technologies and large data content coming up daily. Presently, there is no clear creator or users of content based on the role of consumers in the creation of collaborative content.


Businesses have also changed to digital world and it is slowly taking over traditional distribution methods. This has also opened the global world to a business center and you can always access goods from wherever at the comfort of your home. Technology has therefore so far made it easier to change, create and restructure content. What’s more, creativity has remained the driving force behind the changes.

digita mediaAt this rate, the media has made it difficult to manage copyright (Villasenor 1). Digital media will also in the future control the world and it poses great challenge for the print media that takes a lot of time to pass information to target audience. Digital media as a matter of fact takes seconds to do the same.

It will also ensure all businesses shift from traditional to digital media and to change their mode of trade. Managing copyright however remains a problem, rendering it hopeless.

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