Sample Essay on The Greek Society

The Greek Society

The comparison of the three readings is based on the development of culture, civilization and the use of tools among different societies. With regards to culture, the readings provide an evaluation of the development of each society. Through that, one can easily notice the different stages of the development of each society. The three readings compare civilizations in terms of development of the religious, political and military structures. Besides, the comparison is also made in terms of economic and social hierarchies. Religious structures are considered a fundamental structure in the way that societies are governed. This means that as they change, the societies also do. Based on the development of tools, the three readings compare in terms of the way in which societies developed their tools for use on their day-to-day needs (Spielvogel 64). We see the way in which every society developed its tools in order to suit the changing economic activities and also, how the tools moved from one level to another.

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Despite the fact that the roles of the Greek societies have some similarities, there are also disparities. These differences are derived from the duties of each role. For instance, the structures of governance were different from one another considering their purposes in society. The religious practices were also varied according to the roles that they played in society. Another difference was also based on the people that performed those roles. Therefore, each society had a different group of people serving certain specific roles.

Gender was also another factor that determined the kind of role that one played. This was in regards to the division of labor between men and women. This division ensured that each gender performed a different kind of duty in the society (Spielvogel 216). Gender was also an element of consideration when it came to determining the role played by an individual owing to the specialization of labor among the cultures as well as shifts in the gender roles.

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