Sample Essay on the Impact of Holocaust on Georgia

Impact of Holocaust on Georgia

Holocaust was a dreadful approach used by Adolf Hitler to eliminate Jewish people from Europe. More than 6 million Jews were murdered in Europe during the war. It was an event that had an impact on Jews, Georgians and in Europe at large. During WWII, Georgians felt the impact.

It is essential to note that the Jewish people had been part of Georgian history since time immemorial. When Georgia was founded in 1933, Jews settled in the state and continued to live peacefully for the following two centuries.

The Jewish community grew and thrived in Atlanta Georgia. They gravitated towards nonagricultural work because of restriction imposed by European government on their land. This was the reason as to why many Georgians clustered in urban areas including Atlanta and Savanna.

There were also small towns in Georgia occupied by Jewish people. As a result, historical buildings were built in Atlanta including the Hebrew Benevolent Congregation Synagogue. Its construction began in early 1875 among other buildings used by the Jewish people for religious and cultural purposes.

Similarly, holocaust saw the growth in the number of Jewish leaders from Georgia. They included Harold Hirsch and Jacob Rothschild. Rothschild served for many years as a rabbi for Hebrew Benevolent Congregation. This was a prominent synagogue in the region. It was also known as the Temple.

As he went ahead to rabbinate, Rothschild also forged good and close relationships with city dwellers, its leaders and Christian clergy. He also engineered moderate political consensus in Atlanta.

Rothschild also distinguished himself as a very charismatic, honest and dedicated spokesman for civil rights.

In 1936, Georgia also witnessed growth of organized Jewish social service agencies. Harold Hirsh, the attorney for Coca Cola Company reorganized the agencies to enhance quality service delivery. Nowadays, Georgia under the law of Georgia Legislature acknowledges holocaust yearly.

Holocaust is acknowledged annually in Georgia. This is done with a ceremony where many prominent figures attend. Leaders from the state including the Governor of Atlanta attend the event.

The William Breman Jewish Heritage and Holocaust Museum was also built in Georgia. This is not only to honor holocaust victims but also

During the 2nd World War, the impact of holocaust had a severe impact on the Jewish people. However, its impact on Georgia was however minimal. Even so, holocaust left a lasting impact on the state. It is for this reason that the Jewish Heritage is highly celebrated annually throughout Georgia.

The Holocaust Museum in Atlanta, Georgia, The Breman commemorates and celebrates the Jewish experience. It also commemorates universal diversity themes and human dignity.  Georgia has been able to accomplish this by collecting, preserving, interpreting and teaching the importance of Jewish values, its history and culture.

Commemoration of holocaust in Georgia is also inspired by the will, courage and dedication of the Jewish people to rebuild their lives after what they had gone through. As such, Holocaust Museum, The Breman fully desires to have a lasting impact on behavior and to promote mutual respect as well as understanding across the state.

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