Sample Essay on the Impact of Holocaust on Jewish Community

Impact of Holocaust on Jewish Community

Holocaust is one of the events that will remain memorable to the people of Europe and Jewish community for many years to come. Jewish community was adversely affected by holocaust. Returning to life after the event for many survivors was almost impossible.

Jewish community was wiped out in many parts of Europe. When survivors tried to return home from their hiding places and Death Camps, they had no place to comfortably stay at. Their homes had been destroyed, taken over by others of Jewish and non-Jewish origin or had been looted.

There was no future for survivors in Poland

Jewish people also feared for their lives. Returning home was dangerous because of anti-Jewish riots especially across Southeastern Poland and Polish cities. The largest riots however took place in Kielce Poland. Jewish ritual murders of Christians also arose. News of pogrom in Kielce spread rapidly and the lives of survivors were even in more danger. There was no future for survivors in Poland.

The Jewish people had to live in Displaced Person’s camps across Western Europe. They lived under Allied military Proofreading-Editingand paramilitary occupation sites. This was just a place where they took cover as they waited to be taken to South Africa, Palestine and the United States.

Other Jewish people were also arrested and held on the Island of Cyprus due to lack of proper legal documents. Some were deported back to Germany. The Great Britain on the other hand employed scandalous treatment of the Jewish community. Because of the treatment, there was urgent need to create a safe homeland for Jewish people.

The UN decided to vote and divide Palestine into an Arab and Jewish states. In 1948, Britain started to withdraw its troops from Palestine. In May 14th 1948, David Ben Gurion a leading voice that pressured for a homeland for the Jewish people announced the formation of Israel.

The new state of Israel was created and Jewish ships freely landed in the seaports of the new state. The US on the other hand also flexed its immigration policies and allowed more Jewish people to enter.

Due to the creation of Israel, many holocaust survivors were able to rebuild their lives. Even so, non-Jewish Nazi policies victims could still be persecuted in Germany. There were harsh laws that discriminated against Gypsies or Roma. The laws were implemented until 1970 in some parts of Germany.

Additionally, the laws were used in Nazi Germany to imprison all homosexuals. This also remained in effect until 1969.

The Jewish people also suffered long term medical problems. They contracted diseases in Death and concentration camps. Many survivors suffered from long term illnesses, malnutrition and sexual abuse.

Holocaust also had a positive effect. The world agreed to the creation of a new state. Israel was created and it offered the needed protection for the Jewish people. From this, the Jews learned that religious intolerance could easily lead to deathly atrocities. To date, Israel allows people with different religious beliefs to lead normal lives. There is religious freedom and Jews are not required to follow Orthodox beliefs and customs.

Due to holocaust, the world still looks at Jewish community with enmity. For this reason, they still fight for their right to existence.

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