Sample Essay on the Internet Scam

Internet Scam

The Internet today is filled with countless check scams, some of which are not genuine but clever ploys designed to steal money from innocent Internet users. The anonymity of the internet has based a ground for both new and old fraud techniques and anyone who has spent time online knows that things on the virtual space are not always what they seem. Even though there are many scams that may occur without our notice, a lot of information has been disseminated to warn us on how to avoid scam. Yet, we only realize that we have been victims of internet scams once our phone bills or credit card statements arrive.

The man fell for the Trojan scam only because he believed that it was legitimate and looking at the extent of damage caused by the malware, any average Internet user may be susceptible and get fooled by it as the computer locks itself and the screen displays the warning message. Nevertheless, we can protect ourselves from such scams through various means and taking simple precautions when online especially knowing the uncertainty of things within the virtual space.  The way one accesses the Internet can make a big difference. Despite looking real, most internet scams are deceiving and may fool even intellectuals. It can take time before one realizes that they have been duped, especially in cases where bankers checks are involved. This particular Trojan scam assisted the authorities in exposing a law violator, yet there are high chances that innocent victims might have been involved.

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Even though there are expenses to be incurred, the suggestions given by the Internet Crime Complaint Center (IC3), can help one to deal with the Reveton virus. Internet users are to take the correct precautions when accessing the internet and bear in mind that compromised sites do exist.  This can help to greatly reduce the chances of becoming a victim of scam.

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