Sample Essay on the Korean War

Korean War

The Korean War was a war between South Korea and North Korea between 1950 and 1953. During this combat a United Nations force dominated by the United States of America fought and supported the south while china fought for the north. This war is said to have cost lives of about three million people and extreme destruction of property. Since the 7th century Korea had lived as a unified country, but the Sino-Japanese war in 1894 to 1895, certain parts of the country were under the control of Japan.

Japanese conquered Korea entirely in 1910 and Korea remained a Japanese colony until the Second World War. After japan surrendered in world war two, the Soviet Union took control of the northern half of Korea and a communist state was established known as the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea under the leadership of Kim-Il-Sung. On the other side, US took controlled name its territory the Republic of Korea from Tokyo.

There are a number of factors that are known to be the reasons behind the Korean War besides colonization. For instance, the geographical latitude of 38°N, the 38th parallel, was quite essential as it acted as the border between the two conflicting regions. The connection of soviet continued to expand communalism, while the USA was adamant to eradicate it and this led to a lot of tension within these regions.

The United Nations tried its best to hold election in entire Korea, but communists could not abide to this move on either side of the 38 parallel. Hence, the two regions could not come into an agreement and this further distanced the two regions. Kim-Il-Sung went on and created a Stalinist regime that was absolutely made of North Korean People’s Army [NKPA].

The team was stocked with Russian weaponry and tanks giving it power over any rivals. Whereas, the South Korea political situation was not that stable, the USA opted to back Syngman Rhee to preside over the first administration. The other key cause of the Korea War was the increasingly threatening skirmishes along the 38th parallel until June 1950, when NKPA opted to invade South Korea.


The Korean War rose amidst uncontrollable attacks from the NPKA. The USA opted for interventions from the UN Security Council and was able to brand North Korea as the invader. The UN Security Council members supported the South and Commonwealth navies and Far east fleet from Britain war sent. NKPA went on to attack the Southern Korea port of Pusan, but they were frustrated by 8th USA army in Korea. The UN army was also strategically located at the Korean Peninsula and resisted several attacks by the northern army. In mid-September, the UN forces captured the unguarded port of Incheon and forced the NKPA withdraw back north. China was fearful of an imminent attack by the UN army said that it would arbitrate to defend its territory. Fortunately, their strategic attack forced the UN troops into south of Seoul. Later, the UN troops were able to force the NKPA north of the 338th parallel. Despite peace talks in 1953, both armies went to defend their key territories. A peace agreement was later declared in 1953.

The Korean War created more tension and friction between US and Soviet Union and several casualties on both sides were recorded, although no one knows the exact figure. Besides, large loss of life, enmity between china and US has lasted for many decades and many relatives lost their roots. This war made US aware of the effect of communism and South Korea became its most reliable US military base. In spite of signing peace armistice, North Korea has carried numerous nuclear tests and ballistic missile tests that have kept South Korea, China, Japan and USA in a batter-ready state.

The Korea War had great influence in the war and changed global understanding on the effects of war. Today, South Korea has become a major economic superpower whereas North Korea is in an extreme poverty state. On 4th October 2007, South Korean President Roo Moo-hyun and North Korean supreme leader, Kim Jong Il signed an eight-point truce on issues of permanent peace, diplomatic talks, renewal of road, economic corporation, aid and train services between the two nations. Hence, there are hopes that these nations will live in peace and cooperation.

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