Sample Essay on The Limits to Presidential Power

The Limits to Presidential Power

The authority that is granted to a president is limited by constitution and political aspects. The constitution allows the head of the state to make laws of the country. It also permits him to control actions by the military when he serves as the leader of the armed forces. To limit the control of a person who leads the nation, the constitution grants him a system of balances and checks.

This incorporate similar powers with the government that is evident in legislative, judiciary and executive branches. In addition, the fundamental restriction to authority is granted to the president. This is in relation to the legislative functions that are conferred to him by the Supreme Court. Clearly, the congress is a vital section of the government which ensures that the president does not extend his term in office.  This is reflected especially in the manner in which he makes important decisions concerning the operations of the government.

In regard to Article II Section 3, it incorporates Veto power that directs the president to sign parliament acts (Pious 1). This implies that if the legislature perceives the act to be correct, they pass it to two thirds majority. In this case, the two thirds have the authority to hinder the president from misusing Veto power. Furthermore, the Supreme Court has the ultimate power to interpret laws and reject actions that are against the constitution. It is also essential for the judiciary to review a contract between the head of state and other nations.

According to Article II, Section 4, a president can leave the office when he engages in serious criminal activities. The danger that is associated with impeachment prevents the president from misusing authority when he is held responsible for corruption and criminal actions.

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