Sample Essay on The Long-Tailed Weasel

The Long-Tailed Weasel

A weasel is an animal with a long tail that is scientifically referred to as Mustela frenata and found in North California. Originally, weasels were large in sizes but they gradually reduced in time depending with the kind of food they fed on. Initially, their natural habitats were forests but with time, they reduced and became grasslands allowing evolution of rodents. Below is a long tailed weasel;

The long tail weasels live in different natural settings. These incorporate woodlands, farm lands and thickets that mostly have enough prey and are near water. In addition, these animals prefer staying in small dens with grass rather than dense forests. Ecologically, weasels are rodents and they feed on small animals such as rabbits. They play a significant duty by controlling a variety of rodents that are harmful to the economy.

Descriptively, weasels are mammals whose length is between 30 and 35 cm while their tail varies from 10 to16 cm. Their bodies are engraved with fur to aid them relate with high value in the economy due to its color, size and density. Evaluating their adaptation, weasels are small sized animals, a feature that aids them to secure for prey in bushes. Furthermore, they have strong teeth that enable them to kill instantly and bite their prey. They also escape their predators via their quick movements and use their small size to hide from owls.

In times of winter, weasel change their color into white except for their tail tip. This is beneficial to these animals when it allows them to camouflage. Evidently, after weasels bear young ones, they grow faster and began feeding on meet when they reach 3 weeks. The maturity rates of male and females differ to control reproduction and population among weasels.


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