Sample Essay on The magic of games in life expectancy

The magic of games in life expectancy

Everybody wish to have a healthy and pro-longed life. The roadmap to a healthy and pro-longed lifestyle is simple but can only be effective if practiced frequently. This paper explores the magic of games as a tool to pro-long the life of mankind, the top regrets of dying and the primary ways to extend life.

The modern technology is drastically transforming our healthcare. The perception held by most people of only going to visit a doctor when having health issues is slowly fading. The medical field is advancing towards preventive care for the betterment of the society, since it not only improves the general well-being of individuals but also saves life by diagnosing a condition before it is too late. Gamification is effectively impacting health department by easily accessing services games which are fun and also aid in preventing healthcare issues. Doctors and other educated health professionals are currently aware of neurological benefits they can achieve through gaming, and are prescribing games as a form of therapy. Therefore, games can extend our lives in several ways such as:

Firstly games relieve stress. Since games foster recreation, they prompt delivery of endorphins, which are the natural exciting chemicals in the human system. Endorphins stimulate the general essence of well-being and alleviate pain for some time. Secondly, games polish brain operations. Games such as chess and completing puzzles challenge our brains, thus assists in preventing memory problems by improving the functionality of brain.

Thirdly, games stimulate our mind and boost our creativity. Just like children, adults grasp a new idea best when it is fun and in a relaxed playful mood. Games stimulate our imagination, helps one to adapt and easily solve their problems; which could otherwise result to health hazards. Also, games improve our relationships and connect us to others. Simple acts such as laughing and entertainment fosters affinity, reliance, leniency and close relationship with others. Engaging in games loosens stressful conditions that could otherwise result in depression. Last but not least, games make an individual feel younger and energetic. Games enhance energy as well as vitality to increase disease resistance, bringing out the best in us.

As much as there is that special day for commencing life on planet earth, unfortunately there is also a day it comes to an end. Most people who are full of life have no regrets whatsoever about their life. However, as one continues to age and the body cells begin to get weak, feelings of regrets start to flow in one after another. Some of the biggest regrets made by people on their dying bed as documented by Bronnie Ware include;

Firstly, the most common regret was that people wished they had the courage to lead their personal life, and not based on other people’s expectations. These people made poor choices in life and were dying without honoring their dreams. Secondly, most people wished they had not worked so hard. Most men had this regret since they were the breadwinners, spending most of their lives in the treadmill of working environment.

Thirdly, they wished they were brave enough to voice their sentiments. Most people suppressed their feelings so as to maintain peace with others and in the long ran failed to utilize their full potential. Also, such people wished they had stayed in touch with their friends. People tend to miss their friends more in their golden age, as they regret not keeping in touch with them. Last but not least, these people wished they had let themselves be happier. Most people realize that happiness is a choice as they near the end of their lives.

For a prolonged healthy life, it is therefore paramount to drop bad habits such as smoking and excessive alcohol; this lifestyle can cause heart disease, eat healthy foods such as organic coupled with fruits and vegetables, exercise to improve bone density and strengthen immune system and minimize stress levels to boost immune system.