Sample Essay on the Objectives of United Nations

Objectives of United Nations

Formed in October 24th 1945, the United Nations (UN) is an intergovernmental organization established to enhance international cooperation. The body was to replace the League of Nations that up to that moment had not been effective in discharging it functions. The creation of the UN came just after the Second World War to avoid the recurrence of such a conflict. During the formation of the UN, it had only 51 states as members. However, the number has now increased to 193 states. There are six main organs of the UN that include the Security Council, General Assembly, Secretariat, Economic and Social Council, UN Trusteeship Council and International Court of Justice.

There are quite a number of objectives that the United Nations was formed to achieve. One of them is the provision of a platform and strengthening of democratization processes, respect for humanity and rule of law. This objective was mainly to be achieved in the Arab region and Africa. This would further ensure that the body is able to assist in strengthening of African-Arab relations and promoting cooperation at the institutional, legislative, business, civil and academic organizational levels.

Another objective of the UN is to strengthen peace building efforts in both the two regions considering that there is incompatibility of conflict with human rights and democracy. Through peace building initiatives, it would be possible to avoid the development of conflicts.

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The United Nations was also formed to enhance and undertake advocacy, and ensure that Forum members are able to participate in raising awareness. While implementing this, the body is also expected to ensure the participation of the citizens, political apparatus and other players in the Forum’s activities as well as national processes.

The United Nations is also tasked with encouraging policy makers to promote the participation of women in socio-political, cultural and economic processes. Besides, it should also be in the frontline towards promoting the participation of the youth in similar processes.

Another objective of the United Nations is fostering implementation of the recommendations, strategies, plans of action and resolutions of the Forum at the national and regional levels. It is also tasked with promoting advocacy activities for the implementation of international and regional instruments aimed towards enhancing democracy and respect for human rights.

It is also the objective of the United Nations to support the contributions that are being made by civil society groups through networks and partnerships towards enhancing respect for human rights and democracy. Besides, the organization should also come up with a sound program for communication at the Forum to foster dissemination of all the outputs and activities of the forum through various channels of Information Technology and media.

Apart from just the above mentioned objectives, the UN can also take any other measures that are deemed fit to promote democratic processes and respect for human rights in the Arab region and Africa. These measures have to be discussed and agreed upon by the organs of the United Nations and any other body that they may include in their decision making processes.

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