Sample Essay on The Origins and Dispersal of Modern People

The Origins and Dispersal of Modern People

Human beings dispersal from Africa to Europe and Asia marks the origin of modern population in the world. This article is built on the idea of archeological discoveries going on in Africa as a clear evidence of the behavioral changes that is on the rise in other parts of the world. Mitochondrial DNA test for the population indicates the increase in population in Africa and other parts between 80000 and 60000 B.P. This shows that human population disperse to the rest of the world came because of over population in Africa. In addition, several predominant behavioral attributes are manifested in the developed world where innovation and demographic expansion is rampant. This historical evidence is very crucial in explaining the dispersal exodus that happened in the past. Mutation rate is another factor used by archeologists to support their studies in human dispersal and migration all over the world from Africa.

How It Relates To Physical Anthropology

This article is related to biological anthropology in the sense that archeological study incorporates the DNA test and human behavioral changes that are exhibited by the modern man. These attributes are compared with the past human experiences and a relationship is drawn to show the underlying differences. Demographic reconstruction and genetic differences becomes the background study for human biology. It is closely related to the physical and non physical environment that human population dwells in. Physical anthropology also concentrates on the evolution of human species on earth caused by environmental changes. On the other hand, human dispersal is pegged along evolution processes that took place many years ago.