Sample Essay on The Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO)

The Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO)

In Palestine, the issue of refugees has been unique when it took a long time without being resolved. Majority of peace organizations worldwide inclusive of the Palestine government have ignored the refugees. Furthermore, citizens of this country have also found it difficult to relate with the immigrants.

Clearly, the government has not taken any serious measure to discuss the issue with various organizations to aid refugees. It is essential for the Palestinian government to find a way of assisting refugees because they are under their ruling. Besides this, citizens of Palestine have also been denied their freedom and rights. It is also evident that the immigrants in this country live in poverty and are helpless.

However, the government does not care about these homeless people when they ignore their needs and concentrate on political gains (Morris, 2004).  This problem commenced way back during World War II to power the interests of Middle East countries. This caused destruction of properties and a section of individuals to be displaced.  Majority of these immigrants were Jews. Israelites did not want to recognize them because they could not accept the refugees to return to their initial homeland. As a result, the immigrants had no option but to stay in Palestine.

Later, citizens formed the Zionist movement to provide a home for the Jews to settle in the country.  The Palestine Liberation is an organization that received support from the Egyptian president Nasser. Its major objective was to come up with a solution to solve the Refugee challenge in Palestine. To facilitate the solution, this organization indulged in using the military to fight against their rivals. It also campaigned for leadership that united different tribes in the region. The aim was to bring leaders together despite their different nationality to find a solution to the refugee matter.



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