Sample Essay on The patient protection and affordable care act

The patient protection and affordable care act

The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, was passed in 2010. This was depicted as one of the controversial rule in history of United States. Based on the reports from the New York Times, this regulation spread in the American society. This law generated different perspectives from various followers. In most of the situation, it is clear that only 56 percent of the democrats approved the bill. Conversely, 44 percent of the American population did not support the move.

Research indicates that a large section of US citizens were interested in fundamental changes. For instance, Americans wanted developments that supported new changes in the health care system. Based on the government and view of democrats, this act was beneficial in that it could stop the lasting form of discrimination. It was intended to stop bias against special individuals who had health conditions that were unique. In addition, this rule also offered standard strategies to promote good care. (Obama, 2013).

However, the disapproval of this rule by 44 percent of Americans implies that there is the need to change parts of its basic sections. In regard to this law, the opponents argued that it was biased since not all Americans could access health insurance. This is because the increase in healthcare expenses has become a problem that has raised concern among the Americans. Individuals against this rule further add that approximately half of the US citizens expect the costs in health care to increase in future. Evidently, this law was not necessary because majority of individuals perceive it to be of less priority. This is because majority of Americans believe that a strong economy is significant to improve all sectors in the state.



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