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The Philosophical thought of Plato

Philosophy is a study that involves knowledge, truth and the meaning of life. It gives s individuals ideas that guide them to identify things that are right and wrong. (Aristotle, Plato, and Socrates) are the ancient Greek theorist who researched about human philosophy. Their study incorporated different angles of life. The purpose of this paper is to depict philosophical ideas of Plato.

Evidently, Plato’s perspective concerning philosophy was related on ideas. His major focus was on the object of knowledge which encouraged good manners among individuals. He defends two worlds or reality that include sensible and intelligible world. According to Plato, the intelligible world involves three realities and ideas. They incorporate universal, eternal and invisible realities. Plato adds that these realities are in existence due to concepts that are instilled in minds of the people.

In his view, Plato claims that ideas are valid things and origin of concepts that are sensible. According to Plato, sensible world or reality refers to two real words that exist separately. For instance, they are world of generation or destruction that are available in various forms and change constantly. Plato adds that science relies only on immediate sensation that verifies the truth (Mitchell 82). He also reveals that people in various locations speak different languages.

In this regard, Plato asserts that there is need of universal forms to relate with concepts across the globe. In this view, he argues that science cannot change the concepts that exist in a sensible world such as knowledge. Perictyone was a female philosopher from Greek who believed in the non-Western aspect of philosophy.  In her perspective, she argued that philosophy and humanity relates with everything that exist in the world.  Her theory was based on response to questions that concerned virtue and harmony. Conversely to Plato, Perictyone advocated for justice to be granted to women to allow them to live a virtuous life.


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