Sample Essay on The postgraduate admission board

The postgraduate admission board

University of Toronto

563 Spadina Crescent

Toronto, Ontario M5S 2J7 Canada


The postgraduate admission board,

I am pleased to recommend Mr. ___________________. I know this person well because I have been his supervisor for the time he has served in the computer science department of our company. He has portrayed exceptional skills in this department and has accordingly become one of the distinguished people in the department. Right now, he is serving as the head of a team that is working towards integrating our human resource systems with the e-government systems. His responsibility in this team is to design and coordinate the project.

Mr.__ has portrayed high level of creativity in our computer department because he is ambitious and eager to learn new skills in computer science and related fields. Accordingly, I know a chance in your distinguished institution will help him unlock the potential he has in computer science. Do not hesitate to give him a chance to further his studies in your institution because I know he will not let you down.

In terms of leadership skills, the person in question has portrayed high skills in organizing and leading other employees. He is able to share his goals, convince other employees and lead them towards achieving the shared goals. When faced with challenges, he knows how to address them creatively. He is a hardworking person that completes his tasks in good time. In addition, he has an entrepreneur spirit that helps him in getting things done no mater the challenges.

In conclusion, I confidently recommend Mr._______ because he is the best person our company has seen this far in the computer department. Other people have come and gone, but this one is an outstanding one not only in creativity, but also in his strong entrepreneurship skills.


Sincerely yours,

Name of supervisor:

Position of the supervisor in the company