Sample Essay on the Role of Business in Society

Role of Business in Society

Business is the backbone of development in the society. Its roles and responsibilities have been clearly defined in a broader view within the society. The welfare and society’s social development have been enhanced by creation of resources by companies that have resulted in advanced improvement in the society. The demands of concerned parties have also been changing from ‘‘doing no harm’’ to ‘‘being a positive force’’ by contributing towards global social development goals.

 The proper role of business in the society includes both social and economic responsibilities and is beyond the giving of charitable donations during good times.

Businesses should join forces and cooperate towards elimination of increased endemic issues and humanitarian crisis in the society including environmental degradation, poverty, human rights violation and diseases such as HIV/AIDS. Companies have a duty of eliminating poverty from the society through job creations for clients, co-workers distributors and suppliers among others.

By doing so, employees will be in a position to provide for their families and pay taxes among other duties, ensuring that the society is empowered economically. Manufacturing, development and distribution of goods are another requirement for any business to its society. The business has to ensure its procedures are regularly enhanced and processed through continual production of new goods, services and processes to meet the demands of the society. This would help create a solid foundation for prosperity in the business and humanity at large.


With new drivers in place to inspire future industries to station themselves as forces of positive transformation in the society, businesses also have to champion for the realization of good governance as well as progressive responsibility throughout its operations in the society. It is also their duty to ensure that systems for risk prevention are put in place as opposed to waiting for a problem to occur later on.

The business by doing so will help in the realization of opportunities such as those of new market creation and value enhancements among others that would lead in attraction of new clients thus ensuring the business is the preferred option.

It is also the role of the business to relate well with clients and society at large. It is a prerequisite for long term presence of a business because poor relationship between the people and the society can impact the development of the business. This means that the business should work conveniently with the society to achieve set objectives and goals in a way that benefits it.

The business can also achieve this role by extending ‘‘good practice’’ to different areas in the society for instance safety of the workplace and the environment. It could also ensure that it creates and spreads global standards for environmental practice purposes.

The proper role of business in the society includes both social and economic responsibilities and is beyond the giving of charitable donations during good times

These roles have been changing over time to ensure a helpful accountability as corporate citizens in the society. The roles of the business also include the way in which they operate and duty to stakeholders, which should not entirely revolve in offering charitable donations in good times only. Lastly, the duty of minimizing stakeholder’s demands and finance by regulation to ensure the effect on the society and the environment they operate in is minimized.

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