Sample Essay on the Role of NGOs in Promoting Empowerment for Sustainable Community Development

Role of NGOs in Promoting Empowerment for Sustainable Community Development

The role of NGOs in promoting empowerment for sustainable community development is a huge mandate these organizations handle at all times. From better farming methods to support of renewable sources of energy, NGOs remain an important role in sustainable development in the world. In partnership with other organizations, corporations and the media, NGOs endeavor to empower communities with practical ideas that would support their lives generations to come.

Firstly, NGOs are largely concerned with the capacity of the people they seek to help. This is because; many people have the potential to excel and become independent but do not have the drive and wheel power to use the potential. Through capacity, the poor in the villages feel like the rich and start seeing new ways of earning a living from what they have. Lack of capacity building leads to over-dependence, where people know of nothing else but aid from the government or other well-wishers.  In other words, NGOs give communities the tools of trade to make good of their resources.

Through trainings, NGOs also empower communities with appropriate skills and knowledge on how to mobilize resources to kick-start a project. Many people in undeveloped countries have ideas but lack the resource to launch the project, create employment and improve the development of the community. These skills are important as one can only mobile resources if they see the need and feasibility of the idea. Without this mental capacity and believe inProofreading-Editing doing what others perceive as being impossible, it is not easy to develop as an individual and as a community.

NGOs also help communities to plan and evaluate different projects. It is impossible to make good out of a project if you have wanting planning skills and cannot evaluate the progress of the project. For instance, planning means that the community focuses on what can work for them, based on certain factors like time and available resources. Planning ensures that you check on expenditure and work through using the most economical path to attain set goals. A project that has no plan cannot work, because you need to show the direction, including the need for the project and how you will achieve the objective. On the other hand, evaluation ensures that whatever that is envisaged in the plan is implemented to the letter. It also checks on expenditure to prevent unnecessary spending of money on irrelevant or less important things. NGOs carry out the planning and evaluation task very well because they have experts who can offer specialized services to communities in need.

NGOs also help communities to solve some of their problems through mastering of their lives. For example with food insecurity, NGOs offer alternative methods of farming that have been tested and approved. This is important in ensuring that community members take charge of their lives through proper farming methods. If unreliable rainfall is the problem, NGOs usually introduce irrigation to farmers, who may not be aware of irrigation methods in areas that need extra rainfall to support agriculture. Proper farming methods like mixed cropping would also help communities to make maximum use of the land without damaging the soil structure or exposing the area to environmental hazards.

The use of renewable energy is also another way through which NGOs promote sustainable development in the community. While it is true that the world largely depends on coal as source of energy, most NGOs encourage people to consider green energy because it is renewable and environmentally friendly. The two advantages of renewable sources of energy make them sustainable, as they do no get exhausted.

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