Sample Essay on the Role of NGOs in Sustainable Development

Role of NGOs in Sustainable Development

Nongovernmental Organizations, commonly known as NGOs have played an irrefutable role in promoting sustainable development in the world for many years. This has been seen at international level, where organizations push for sustainable projects and projects in meeting the needs of people. As a result, they engage in international negotiations, which aim reducing hazardous practices that pollute the environment and have a world that is free from slavery.

In discussing how NGOs participate in sustainable development, it is worth noting that, these organizations focus on other areas besides governments and inter-governmental processes. For example, sustainable development entails adopting processes that do not undermine the life of people or a sector of the economy in the long run. When the world is wholly focused on using coal as the only source of energy, NGOs push for green energy because it is sustainable. Unlike coal, which is nonrenewable, green energy is sustainable and not harmful to the environment. Through such an approach, it means that the economy grows without grossly affecting the environment. Unsustainable development that is embraced by most governments is unsustainable and expensive. When a country’s GDP is high, with rates of environmental pollution because of overreliance on coal, then there is a problem. NGOs encourage households to embrace the use of biogas, solar energy and wind energy, which are sustainable.

NGOs have also helped in saving the trees by discouraging the use of firewood and charcoal for cooking and as a Proofreading-Editingsource of energy to run other processes.  This means, they are interested in protecting the environment from harm and ensuring that people prosper and economies grow without affecting the lives of people through environmental pollution. To make this effective, NGOs usually engage stakeholders, the government and policy makers in ensuring that what a country considers being a norm, should be sustainable for the good of everyone.

NGOs further engage in training and empowering people with professional skills. This is common through establishment of schools, colleges and other learning and training institutions. By investing in education, NGOs focus of empowering people with skills and knowledge, for not only securing a good job at the end of the training but also for future economic support. A country cannot claim to be developed when it has high levels illiteracy. Efforts to make education affordable to everyone in the society can make impact when governments involve NGOs. This is because governments are always overwhelmed by the needs of the people and might not have the capacity to serve its people effectively in all the sectors of the economy.

NGOs also make companies responsible and humane when handling its employees. With the pressure from these organizations, leading companies in the world today have put measures in place to check on environmental pollution. This makes everyone responsible as these companies give reports about their emissions and whether they comply with the international standards or not. Employees also get fair treatment because of emergence of NGOs, which fight for the rights of workers. By having healthy and motivated employees, it means, you have a productive future, as you are concerned with the employees. From this analysis, it is evident that NGOs play a core role in promoting sustainable community development. However, it can only realize this mandate, in partnership with other stakeholders.

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