Sample Essay on the Theories of Sentencing

The Theories of Sentencing

The impact of sentencing to the public is that it denounces forms of conducts that are illegal. This instills fear to future perpetrators by ceasing them from taking part in criminal activities. Sentencing is vital in the society because it enhances respect and harmony among individuals.

The objective of denunciation theory is to evaluate on how the society disapprove a crime that is committed. The crime that is incorporated in this criminal code depicts behaviors that the community condemns. This theory reveal values and codes that people need to comply with in society of which it has not accorded in the value system (Ashworth 35). According to the deterrence theory, the danger incorporated in sentences discourages individuals from making mistakes. Furthermore, the crime is reduced if the form of punishment is increased.

Deterrence levels exist in various forms that are general and specific. Based on the general deterrence theory, it scares people and causes panic when the sentence is immense. Specific deterrence discourages criminals from repeating the mistake. In sentencing, there exists rehabilitation to ensure that an offender does not repeat committing the crime. The reason behind this is to mould his actions and to ensure that the society is safe. During rehabilitation, offenders are enrolled to educational programs while in jail. In this regard, conditional punishment that is delivered in society is beneficial than sending the offender to prison.

Reparation is a theory that connects the offender and the community to ensure that they live peacefully.  This principle is effective in compensation to offer the code of crime. The theory concerning community separation is based on the fact that when criminals are sent in prison, they are not capable of bothering the society. However, the code of criminal eliminated the death penalty which was also part of punishment.


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