Sample Essay on The USA Patriot Act

The USA Patriot Act

This act became a law on 26 October 2001 during the reign of George Bush. Its objective was to curb the increase in terrorism cases that were witnessed in America. This act depicted the weakness among the institutions that enforced law. This is in regard to the manner in which they conducted investigations and detained the terrorists. The USA Patriot Act was intended to stop activities that caused death of people and destruction of properties.

This law is depicted to be controversial when it interferes with the constitution rights. It has received criticisms for failing to consider people’s civil rights that are meant to safeguard them. The key problems that revolve around the passage of this act include immigration, privacy and surveillance. Furthermore, this act does not abide by civil liberties as it does not incorporate the public’s knowledge of its consent. This is evident when the government accesses vital details from citizens through their mails and telephone conversations.

In addition, they are free to monitor information from third parties even if they are not American citizens. Evidently, this form of illegal search among the public is against the fourth amendment. This is because the amendment protects privacy of people against searches that lacks credible reasons. Through this act, banks expose their client’s details to the government without their consent. This happens especially when they indulge in transactions that exceed 10,000 dollars. It is also evident that this act permits officials from law enforcement to investigate librarians.


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This infringes individuals’ privacy rights especially when the officials access their patrons’ records without their knowledge. According to this act, officials from law enforcement have the right to detain terrorism suspects without proper investigations. This is against the constitution which implies that the government is supposed to remove some clauses from the act.




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