Sample Essay on Things Learnt About Islam

Things Learnt About Islam

Islam is a religion that has been perceived by individuals to be associated with violence. This applies to people from the Western part of the continent who perceives it as a denomination that has violated human rights. Furthermore, Media portray Islam as a religion that tends to be related with a large number of terrorists.

For instance, the 2011 attacks that destroyed the Twin Tower in New York made the situation worse in relation to Muslims and terrorists attacks. According to the movie ‘Inside Islam,’ it depicts the religion on a different light note. Clearly, Islamic religion shares its origin that has similarities with other religions such as Christianity and Judaism. I found out that the denomination that I often related it with war had a phrase that was derived to mean peace.

It is also astounding to notice that individuals from the Islamic religion appreciate other congregation. For instance, they refer to their Christians counterparts as fellow worshipers that belong to the other book.  Majority of individuals think that readings from the Quran incite its worshipers to start war against others. However, I compel them that Islam is a peaceful religion, and instead of spreading bad information about it, more followers should join it.

Additionally, the aspect of Jihad is the most interesting thing I have come to know in Islamic religion. I always relate Jihad to ‘Holy War’ that is imposed on individuals of different faith. Surprisingly, I realized that Jihad is a term that is not even associated with war. On the contrary, its meaning is to strive and upgrade the living conditions of other people. This implies that Jihad may be used in other contexts that apply to better education and health care.  In my opinion, an individual’s opinion should not be an influence to judge a particular religion.


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