Sample Essay on Time Management in University


The study aims to investigate time management in the university. In addition, it will look on how the students are affected by inefficiency skills in managing time. The study will help the university student to learn and achieve effective time management.

Background to the study

The main problem concerning the majority of university students is poor time management and distribution. Study has found that poor time management affects most students in university; this is attributed to a number of factors that affect ones time management.

Time management is more than just managing time. It involves using time as a resource to manage one. Scholars’ have noted that managing time is equal to managing oneself and this can be realized by setting priorities, taking control of the situation and utilizing time by changing habits that cause time wastage.

Time management skills helps students to organize their work and personal life compared those who do not manage well their time, as they are likely to readjust their schedule to recover lost time. This is because some people have problems about what to do and when to do it (Lankein, 1973). By definition, time management refers to the process of using time thoroughly assigned tasks in the available time. This requires good knowledge and practice of time utilization (Mackenzie, 2000).

Literature review

All of us describe time differently and depending to our perceptions. For instance, one would say time passes quickly while other may say that time is not enough. All of these expression depend on the availability of a given time and ability to work on a given task. It may also infer what we do and the shortest time needed to complete tasks.

Time management involves applying management functions like planning, organizing, and controlling to one’s own activities to attain goals. Taylor & Mackenzie (1986), further states that people who are able to manage time well are able to spare enough time for their personal activities and at the same time attain their goals productively.

In addition, understanding and applying time management does solve one problem rather it helps them attain an effective solutions and results. Thus, development of time management affects the productivity and overall performance of the students.

            Time management raises life quality of individuals and decreases stress, increases efficiency, enable one to live a balanced life, increase productivity, and help them accomplish their objectives (Lankein, 1972). Thus, investing in time and managing is equal to identifying priorities and works habits by maximizing benefits from available time. These are just but benefits of time management.

Chaplin Taylor (1896) posits that time is the most rigid and flexible thing in this universe. However, we can say that it can be managed effectively, and if not, we will not be able to manage anything else resulting to poor time management a case that has seen university students waste time due to, poor planning, lack of preparation, undefined goals and overconfidence while managing time. Thus, it is good always to understand and acquire time management skills for those students who do not know.


The researcher used survey case study, to investigate time management among the university students. This method is suitable because it allows measure a sample of a given population in study for comparison and research analysis, in this case given number of university students. In addition, the method will help to improve time management in the university.

  1. Study population

The population of the study is university students, with a tally of 500 students.

  1. Sample of the study

The sample of the study was chosen randomly by use of simple random method. The study had a sample of 100 students representing 20% of the population.

  1. 3. Instrument

The study used questionnaire directed to the students to collect the data. It was an open ended and consisted of different questions on time management. The respondents were to tick and answer the questions provided in questionnaire appropriately before it was return for analyze.


Below are the finding of the study, I begin with the analysis of the participants

Table 1: Demographic data distribution of the participants


Gender Number percentage
Female 256 51%
Male 244 49%
Total 500 100%


The table above shows 51% of participants was female while 49% were male.

Table 2: Age groups of participants

Age Groups Number percentage
Below 18 56 11%
19 – 25 153 31%
26 – 34 120 24%
Over 35 years 171 34%
Total 500 100%


The table 2 shows that the participants below 18 years were 11%, those between 19 -25 years were 31%, and 26-34 years were 24% while those over 35 years were 34%.

            It was found that there are many ways to manage time, though this can only be attained if a student defines the goals that will help him/her manages the task or activities at hand.

Most university students lack assessment of time management and instructions on how to manage time better and apportion it appropriately.

Amongst the four strategies to time management includes, a student should create a schedule, assess and plan his work load each week, adjust the plan each day and be able to evaluate ones schedule. While causes of poor time management among the university leads to wasted time, procrastination, inefficient work flow, stress, unable to meet deadline, poor quality work , over-extension and developing habits of lateness, which is likely to derail ones performance.

Learning to plan one time is the most effective skill one need to develop in university and it will him/her in future career, complete assignments and meet deadlines awhile being able to increase self-reliance and confidence.


Time management is more than just managing time rather it involves managing oneself in terms of time while utilizing the valued resource of time.

There are number of factors that are likely to cause poor time management such as poor preparation and lack of undefined and set goals, idleness. Most of us do value time though have different understandings on how to use and manage time while facing a demanding task.  There is need to learn how one can be able to attain effective time management to maximize and utilize the time well and achieve our goals.

The purpose of research was aimed at investigating time management in university and at the same time study how time affects students in achieving their goals.

Therefore, time management in university can be achieved by developing a study schedule. This will help one to focus on goals and accomplish them. In addition, giving priority is advisable to address urgent task and avoid laziness and inefficiency.


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