Sample Essay on Topic Number 4

Topic Number 4

Before the announcement of my father that we would stay in Vancouver, I had not visited this city even once. I was very excited by this announcement because my desire was to leave the old place that I was used to. Nevertheless, starting new life within an environment that was unfamiliar to me was quite scaring. For over a week, I had not gone home and this move allowed me a change to leave the place I called home forever. I was required to leave friends, relatives and even the home garden that I was used to. I never knew how one feels while away from their home. However, I was fully aware that I was going to miss everything that I was used to in the old home. I was not ready for the new experience.

My father works in the public service and he had been transferred by the government to Vancouver where he would take a different position. My mum owned a business. However, the business was not sufficiently large to hinder her from moving with us. It took us a month to prepare after which we left. I was confused about how to start my new life in a new home. There are many people living in Vancouver which is a big city. Leaving the new house in Vancouver scared me since I was not aware of how I should interact and make new friends. There was nobody I could call a friend when we first moved to this city. Therefore, I did not have anybody to go to the theater or malls with.

I took almost a whole month before gathering confidence that would enable me to leave the new house. Even 12shopping for simple items from the nearby shops was a problem to me. There were times when I felt like leaving Vancouver for my old homeland because I was familiar with it and I could move freely while there. However, that was impossible. I started college education in Vancouver regardless of how scared the place was to me. I had classes to attend and new people to approach. I was even unable to ask people to direct me to classes and this made me hate myself. I betrayed myself severally making people know that I was new in Vancouver. Fortunately, there were students who noticed my confusion and they offered to guide me around the college. Later, I noticed that there were other newcomers but these were not confused the way I was and they never betrayed themselves.

Nevertheless, a lot has changed since my arrival in Vancouver. This place no longer scares me since I now have new
friends. These have made adapting to this city and my college easier. I also have friends who are my neighbors at my family’s new home. I am excited about weekends because we go shopping at the malls together. We also attend different cinema theatres such as Magenta Theatre and Kiggins Theatre together. I also go to the soccer fields with my friends where we have watched several Washington Timbers FC matches.

In Vancouver, life is more comfortable because my friends now help me when necessary. I also go to the museums, malls and other places with friends and alone without confusion or fear. I am now familiar with the city and its environs. Since I am no longer confused, I can freely ask direction from any one. Today, I walk around the city relaxed and confident.

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